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Friday, August 24, 2007

A weekend in Atlanta

I have been sitting here at my desk, waiting for a meeting, perusing a 16-page list from the Whole Foods in Buckhead. It's the list of Gluten Free products they sell at the store.

Guess where I'm headed tomorrow? Yep, I'm going "home for the weekend." Jeffrey is coming, too, and he's headed up for a whole week!

I haven't been to Atlanta since June, and this will be the first time I've had to stay with my Daddy and Mary (his partner) since I gave up gluten. Last time we were there, I stayed in a hotel as we were there for Mary's birthday extravaganza.

So the cooler's packed in the car, and I have my stash of GF muffins and Larabars. We've already discussed dinner tonight, and I hope they don't marinate the chicken in something I can't eat (I asked them not to do it til I could read the label of the salad dressing they use).

Tomorrow I'm meeting up with two recent alumnae, Jena and April, for some power shopping. I'm going to drag Jena around for a while, then we're meeting April at Lenox Square. Should be an adventure worth blogging about tomorrow.

Til then, much love!


The Petersons said...

Have fun in Hot-lanta!

Jena said...

I have to tell you about the first time I wore my "Sluts are People, Too!" t-shirt in front of my father. He was all, "Jena! *shock, horror and probably some drool* That's not very lady-like!"


The Bouceks said...

Tell your dad and Mary that I said hey. Give the baby a big ol' hug for me!

Jade said...

I am in Atlanta almost every other weekend. There are TONS of restaurants that either have Gluten Free menus, or have extensive knowledge to accomodate us. A few great ones in Buckhead are: Nava - A Southwestern style cuisine (not expensive!)with a fully dedicated GF Menu!! That same restaurant group ( has 3 or 4 other restaurants that know what to do to accomodate. Bluepoint, Atlanta Fish House, Chops Lobster Bar, Kyma, and possibly Veni Vidi Vici. If you go to the website under contact, there is a woman named Jennifer who is EXTREMELY helpful and will even take care of your reservation - which you will need at any place in Buckhead on a weekend.

A GREAT breakfast/bruch place is Rosebud in the Highlands. They are also very knowledgable about gluten-free - just talk with your server. The manager even came over to help when she couldn't answer a question. I had an amazing omelette that they removed and added a couple of things for me (not b/c of gluten).

Hope you try them!