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Monday, August 20, 2007

The one-slice wonder

They call it a one-slice wonder, and it warms the heart in the heat of summer.

There was an article on them once, in Southern Living - about the tomatoes just big enough that one slice would fill the bread for a perfect tomato sandwich. That story has stayed with me -- the one-slice wonder and the art of the tomato sandwich. I've argued with friends over a good sandwich. It's good, lively Southern banter.

No, there is not much dearer to this southern girl's heart than a good tomato sandwich; however, a GF diet without bread has kept me away from my favorite summer food this year. With the introduction of my bread machine this weekend, and the addition of fresh white bread to my pantry, though, I had my wish. Sunday was TOMATO SANDWICH DAY!

I've always been very picky about them. There are four simple rules for a perfect tomato sandwich.

1. Tomato must be garden grown, not greenhouse grown, and room temperature. No refrigerating til after it's cut! Thanks, Amy Mimes!
2. White bread only, the softer the better.
3. Duke's mayo, slathered on the bread generously. I'm sorry, but there is no substitute for me -- and God help you if you want Miracle Whip. Not on my watch...
4. Salt No pepper. Fresh Penzeys Grey Salt if you can get it, with Fleur de Sel as a second. Sea Salt -- third. Little girl with an umbrella -- in a pinch (no pun intended).

There's an option of course -- a good thick slice of cheap bologna, but sadly, no more for me.....This is how my Daddy likes them.

Directions: Cut a thick slice or two of tomato, slather the bread with Duke's, and layer. Salt. Wait five minutes for the salt to sink in. Eat the rest of the tomato with salt, out of hand while you wait.

So simply perfect, a one-slice wonder on fresh bread for lunch. Best eaten over a plate or better yet, the sink, to catch the juice.

Ah yes! The above tomato became the below sandwich. I was truly a happy girl Summer, for me, is complete. My soul is restored. Life is good.

Much love, and pass the tomato!


The Bouceks said...

The only thing I would have done differently is a diagonal cut. That was one purdy tomato!

celticjig said...

I love tomato sandwiches and now must make some bread as I can't keep up with the ongoing tomato production in the garden right now. I did can a 1/2 on Saturday. I noticed you snack post on gluten free girl's post. Where do you find Wasabi peas without wheat in them? All the varieties around here have wheat and I miss them so!

The Petersons said...

this statement probably makes me a communisit (as my brother would say) but I don't do raw tomatoes...I do, however, appreciate the tomato sandwich because my grandparents eat them like crazy! I also appreciate the way in which you described the almost made me want one. And the Duke's--my granny's favorite!

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

Randy doesn't like raw tomatoes, either. Or onions. And I STILL married him!

Anonymous said...

MMM...that looks yummy!

Jodie Lauren said...

well as i am not a big fan of the tomato i can appreciate your love for it! and had i liked tomatoes i definitely would've wanted one after reading this blog!

Danny, Jennifer, and Baby Watson said...

I vote for adding pepper. It's a must on mine. I'm a diagonal cutter, too. One of my teacher friends told me I was prissy because I cut all my sandwiches diagonally before consumption. Can't help it. It doesn't taste as good unless it's cut. :)

Rachel said...

Well, being the southern girl that I am, I SHOULD love parents eat tomato sandwiches all summer long. HOWEVER, I absolutely detest tomatoes!(and onions!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE ketchup, I'll eat that on everything, but I don't like them raw, stewed, boiled...yuck. But I did love your story and if I was a mater eater, I'd have gone and made myself a samwich immediately! :-)