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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Hurrah for Five #Gluten-Free Sweets and One Savory Treat from @ElizBarbone

I am so thankful that Elizabeth Barbone is part of out #gf world!

And hey -- looking for one last holiday gift? Elizabeth's upcoming cookbook is available for pre-order!  Can't. Hardly. Wait!

from Elizabeth's email today!

Five Gluten-Free Sweets and One Savory Treat 
Hi Folks! 

Yesterday I wrapped up my "12 Days of Gluten-Free Holiday Sweets."  Included below are five easy recipes for sweets and one recipe for a savory pasta dish. (For all the sweets, visit 

The pasta recipe comes from my new cookbook, "How To Cook Gluten-Free." The book is released in March; so I am thrilled to share this little taste of it with you today!

Enjoy the holiday season! I can't wait to cook with you in 2012! 
Elizabeth Barbone 
Author, Easy Gluten-Free Baking and How to Cook Gluten-Free
Five Easy Holiday Sweets

Peanut Butter Pinwheels
These peanut butter cookies with swirls of chocolate might be my favorite cookie of the season!  

Gingerbread Boys!

It wouldn't be the holidays without gingerbread boys, now would it?

"Make Your Own" Bark

This bark is whatever you make it! Peppermint bark? Chocolate Cherry bark? Make whatever you love using this recipe as a guide! 

Salted Marcona Almond Cookies
 Want to make something a little different? Try these salted marcona almond cookies. 



No-Bake Chocolate Orange Cookies 
With Video!
Feeling a bit squeezed for time? Make these easy, no-bake cookies! No one will know they only took you minutes to make!



One Savory Treat
Cookbook Sneak Peek!

2012 brings the publication of my second cookbook, How to Cook Gluten-Free. I can't wait to share it with you!

My recipe for Clam and Garlic pasta (which is perfect for Christmas Eve) offers a little taste of the book!



Gluten-Free Baking and More | PO Box 94 | Cropseyville | NY | 12052

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Apple Pie Sale - 35% off! @Katzglutenfree Daily Deal's

We are on a roll here, setting you up to have the best Gluten Free family dinner ever! Once the food has been cleared from the table, all minds turn to the best part: Dessert! And what says dessert better than apple pie? Enter Katz, with our 10 inch Gluten Free Apple Pies! They are sure to delight celiac and gluten eaters alike! Act now to enhance your holiday meal by taking advantage of this deal!

35% off Family Sized Apple Pie
this deal is valid from

12/18 12:00 AM EST - 12/19 12:00 AM

Don't just take our word for it...



"excellent apple pie.....gluten free never tasted so good."

"This is the second time I have ordered and ordered the apple pie. It will be so nice to be able to have a dessert I can actually eat at our family Thanksgiving dinner. The apple pie is absolutely delightful."


"The apple pie was amazing. This was the best Thanksgiving yet being able to enjoy not only dessert but a  delicious dessert with the rest of my family!  I highly recommend this to everyone!  Thank you Katz!!!!"


"You will enjoy this pie.  Again - - easy since I didn't have to bake it.  It has a nice crust and a good flavor in the filling.  Every celiac is hungry for GF pie so here it is - - all ready for us."


Here's to a delicious Holiday Season!!

The Katz Gluten Free Family 


Today's Deal:
Save 35%!!
Was: $12.49

Now: $8.12

*  It's believed the first apple pie was made in England - over six hundred years ago!

*   The first printed apple pie recipe was by Geoffrey Chaucer in 1381. The ingredients for the pie were good apples, good spices, figs, raisins and pears.  

*  English settlers brought apple pie-making to America.

*  Early American apple pies had a take-off crust.  First, the apples were baked in the crust.  Then the top crust was lifted off.  Sugar and spices were added.  The top crust was put back on.  Then the pie was served.

*  Apple pie is often served with ice cream.  This is called apple pie a la mode.




Katz Gluten Free | 51 Forest Rd | Suite 316 | #58 | Monroe | NY | 10950

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fruitcake Cookies and Nog, gluten-free style

This is about a happy marriage I never expected to live on in my life.

Yes Virginia, there is good Soy Nog and gluten-free Fruitcake Cookies for us!

When I went gluten-free, one of the foods I mourned, that I really wanted around the holidays, was fruitcake cookies.  I had a love of Claxton Fruitcake, and when I couldn't get one, I would make cookies filled with nuts, cherries, and love.

And Egg Nog -- ahhhh.  I know, love it or hate it.  With fruitcake cookies, well, it was a holiday match made in heaven (and yes, I bought egg nog throughout the holidays -- even into January,  LOVE)

I was pleased a few weeks ago to receive a coupon for the new Earth Balance Soy Nog.  I found it for sale at Whole Foods, and I brought it home.

And I lovingly paired with the new delicious fruitcakes from American Gra-Frutti, now in Roswell, Ga.

Oh my.  Happy Holidays to me.

First, the Soy Nog is good -- it's very mild, and I suppose you could add bourbon or rum to it if you were so inclined.  I thought it very tasty -- better than the soy-based competition.  I wish it much success for those who are dairy and egg free.  This nog's for you!

Here's what it looks like in the carton.  And honestly, you won't notice a difference in the taste!

Now, for those fruitcake cookies.  I've written much about American Gra-Frutti , and it continues to be one of my favorite artisan bakehouses.  Now in its newlocation in Roswell, American Gra-Frutti has just debuted a FRUITCAKE COOKIE that is sold in large packs.

Now there's a problem:  I ate them all before I got a picture.  That would be hint no. 1 that like all the products, these cookies are first-rate! They are ligh

You can now find American Gra-Frutti products (including a yummy Red Velvet Cupcake) at 1007 Mansell Road, Suite D, Roswell, GA 30076. Whole Foods also carries the products.

two for the road? 

The products are available all through the holidays by calling the bakeshop at 770-587-5874.
 It's time for two weeks of serious holiday celebration! Now you know where to go for outstanding cheer!

Much love, 


YUMMMM! 12 Days of Gluten-Free Holiday Sweets from @ElizBarbone

Oh the happiness continues here! Thank you Elizabeth Barbone for all you do for us in the GF world.

12 Days of Gluten-Free Holiday Sweets
Hi Gluten-Free Folks! 

Throughout the month of December, I'm sharing recipes for some great gluten-free Holiday Sweets at Here's what I've posted so far! 

Gluten-Free Doughnut Bites! 

Filled with jelly, rolled in cinnamon-sugar, or  just plain, these doughnuts are perfect for anyone who (like me) loves doughnuts! 



12 Days of Holiday Sweets Include
Cookies, Pound Cake, Eggnog and More! 

Homemade Eggnog
Have you ever made homemade eggnog? Maybe this is the year to give it a try! 

Sugar Cookies
with Video! 
Want to make sugar cookies but don't have a lot of time? These are for you! 

Pound Cake
This moist poundcake makes a great gift! After baking the cake, allow it to cool before wrapping
Maple-Almond Granola
 This sweet, cinnamon-scented recipe makes perfect holiday gifts! And it only takes minutes to make. (Perfect for last minute gifts!)



Lemon Bars
I really love citrus in winter, don't you? These lemon bars are great made with lemon, of course, but they also work with any tart citrus. 



Cut Out Cookies
This cut-out recipe mmakes delicate vanilla-scented cookies that strike a nice balance between sweet and buttery.


Get the Recipe! 


I'm posting new recipes right up to the New Year! Be sure to check out or look for my next e-mail! 

Enjoy the day and the beauty of this season.
Elizabeth Barbone
Author, Easy Gluten-Free Baking and How to Cook Gluten-Free
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