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Saturday, August 4, 2007

Bunker mentality

No, not Archie or Edith...

I'm headed back to MillyVegas tomorrow for school and it's been a whole two months since I've had food in my refrigerator at home. Alas, my pantry there (which is overstocked ALL THE TIME - I'm one of those who can usually make any recipe because of this. I usually have it on hand) is not GF. I know I can give the stuff with gluten in it to my ex and his fiancee (it's good food, and I did this a while back when I went totally sugar free). But I've got a bit of pasta, a bit of cream based soups, a few mixes, that I won't use.

Now Jeffrey loves egg noodles, and I'll have to keep those on hand. But he makes his own mac and cheese (thank you Kraft for Easy Mac!)

So we set out today to stock my pantry til I can find a health food store again. I hit my fav fruit stand for mangoes (no, they do not have champagne mangos in Georgia) and a few other things. I also got some local avocados and limes.

The MillyVilla (we call that home our country home) is devoid of health food stores. With a college like ours there, you wonder why. The Kroger has a decent organic section but I don't know what I'll find there. I'm doubtful about Wally World and the Piggly Wiggly (stop laughing. You know I'm southern, and that is a real place.)

While Randy did a preliminary web search of Macon and Greensboro/Lake Oconee (where sadly except for Publix and a store called Amy's, the pickins are slim) I decided to call the GNC in MillyVilly. When I was on Sugarbusters a while back (great diet, BTW) I found lots of good stuff there like agave nectar and stevia and such. Here is the enlightened conversation.

Me: Hi, do you stock gluten free products in your store.
Clerk: uh, what?
Me: Gluten-free products.
Clerk: Uh (pause grunt) let me check.
Me: Nothing
Clerk: Nuh uh. CLICK

So I waited a few minutes to call back. I'm pretty sure neither of the people there knew what I meant by Gluten Free. So I tried again.
Me: (changing my voice a bit) Do you sell a product called Larabars?
Same Clerk: Let me check. Do they come in an orange box?
Me: Some do -- but there are about 13 flavors.
Clerk: I think we did, but we're out.
Me: What about any wheat free pasta or rice pasta.
Clerk: No.

OV VEY! P.S. GNC, you're on the list...

Amy's in Macon does sell two kinds of Larabar and Tinkyada pasta, so I have a little hope there. But two kinds? I'm heading to the Larabar site to inquire about mail order as soon as I finish this.

So I went to Abby's Health and Nutrition on Dale Mabry, $100 and about 25 Larabars and lots of pasta later, I am set for a couple of months. I have lasagne noodles for this week (I'll post the recipe, I promise -- it's my family recipe).

But I have to find a local and better source for the Larabars. They're so amazing and work with my blood sugar issues so well, I need them! I wrote this just for them

Ode to the Larabar
by me.
(Tune: America the Beautiful)

You're wheat and added sugar free
It's like you're made for me!
You're filled with healthy nuts and fruit
Your power sets me free!

Oh Larabar, sweet Larabar,
You make my meals complete
And snack time too, I promise you
you're number 1 with me.

The jocolat tastes just like fudge
and makes my tummy smile;
The pecan pie bar is a treat
that drive this lady wild!

When I was last in Mexico
I saw some Mole sauce;
but it did not hold candle one
to Cocoa Mole bars!


OK, enough. You get it. I love Larabars.

I'll post my ode to Tinkyada pasta soon, with my modified mac and cheese recipe. You'll love it for a special occasion, I promise (as long as you're not lactose intolerant.)

Tomorrow we head north. Much love til I blog some again!


Jessica said...

Your song is HILARIOUS! I had my first Larabar not long ago and enjoyed it very much. Very worthy of an ode.

The Bouceks said...

This blog has me laughing out loud every day. You should have started this a long time ago! Love and miss you, the baby and Randy!

The Petersons said...

I am disappointed with GNC...If I were still the assistant manager there makeing $7.25 an hour, I would make sure to order what you needed--and not hang up on you.

BTW-when I called several months back to speak to Daniela, I was rudely told "she doesn't work here anymore...she stays at home with her babies." Nice...especially since the employee had NO CLUE who I was...not that I am important, but I could have been a murderer or something....