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Monday, August 27, 2007

Cooking Tuna, not the canned stuff. I'm talking a fresh, thick simple stuff you pay a fortune for in a restaurant. I love seared tuna, on a salad, on a plate, you name it. But I've been intimidated by making it myself. And I note well here, this tuna is overfished and very difficult to get. It's expensive for a reason.

I was at MY Dekalb Farmer's Market yesterday and bought a lucious inch-thick tuna steak, and I decided I'd try to cook it. I knew the flavor I wanted was one similar to Tuna Tataki, which has soy and spice. And I wanted it GF, of course. Last night I decided to experiment and try to cook it.

I am proud to say I have created the simplest recipe ever for beautiful tuna steaks.

It was so simple, and I ate it so fast, I don't even have a picture for you!


A pan you can get searingly hot. I would suggest cast iron or the like.

1 fresh, chilled, Yellowtail tuna steak, patted dry, per person. Mine was about 7 ounces.

1 t. light olive oil, swirled on the bottom of the pan to only lightly coat (I actually wiped the pan with a paper towel).

1 T. wheat-free Tamari or Soy Sauce without wheat per steak.

1 T. Hot Sauce (I use Marie Sharp's from Belize). If you don't like SPICY, leave this out.

Generous sprinkle of Penzeys (or other) garlic salt and a good grind of pepper on each slice.

Heat oil in pan while you pat dry your tuna. It must be dry for this to work.
When oil is sizzling, place tuna steak in pan. Sear on one side for no more than two minutes. Put it down, leave it, then turn it over at about two minutes.
While second side is searing, season cooked side with soy, hot sauce, and garlic salt and pepper. Sear second side for two minutes as well.

Turn briefly to soften the sauce, then turn briefly again. Put on plate and pour leftover sauce on it.

This is a RARE piece of tuna. If you don't like your tuna rare, don't try this dish. Cooking tuna steaks like this well done just ruins them. You're better off with the can.

Much love and YUM!

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