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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There is something about Katz Gluten Free

Over the last few months, the products from Katz Gluten Free have moved up high on my list of baked goods.  The fact that I can get their Challah bread (which we like A LOT for sandwiches) at Ingles Supermarket nearby my Milledgeville home is a plus, too.

But it's not just the product that inspires me.  Oh, it does.  Don't get me wrong. It's GF, dedicated, and Kosher.  It is Certified Gluten-Free by the Gluten Intolerance Group® (

It's the heart and soul of this company that makes me want to patronize it more and more.  The story is really cool, about Mrs. Katz and her two sons who were gluten intolerant, and how she made these products gluten, nut and dairy free.  But there's a lot of character in this product -- the kind I admire. 

How did I find them? Here's a story:  A while back last summer perhaps, my friend Gluten Free Steve (who, if you didn't know, has ended his blog BUT it still is one of the best up there and out there) had a contest on his site to win from Katz.  I tried to enter.  It wouldn't let me.  So I politely emailed the company.  The next day, a very nice guy named Shmully a.k.a. The Katz Man who sent me a box full of goodies.  I was so impressed. I immediately loved their Rugelach, for which I'd not found a good replacement.  And their bars. 

After the Atlanta Meetup Group's Christmas Swap, I tried their Challah.  Loved it.  And soon after, I got samples from Faigy Gold, of the Chocolate Frosted Cupcakes with Sprinkles.  I wish more stores would stock these, as they're a PERFECT purchase for a party when you have a GF guest among the gluten eaters.

Well, I just love them -- and all their stuff.

A few weeks ago, I got another surprise: two loaves of bread for a birthday present.  Wow.  

Why I like them:  Besides taste, I like that they have a great shelf life both in and out of the chill chest, and I also like that they are not terribly sweet.  I like that I can bring their Chocolate Chip Cookies to a morning meeting and feed my gluten-eating colleagues a delicious snack.  Yes, as someone just pointed out, they are high in the glycemic index. Well, I eat them with moderation, as I do ALL gluten-free products these days. 

I am trying hard to spread the word (with no payment, mind you -- only product samples which I appreciate and share lovingly with others). Those of you who know me know that for me to get this excited, the product and the company has to be good.

It is.  Two yums up and more.

Thanks and much love Faigy, Shmully and Mrs. Katz.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Safeway nationwide now selling Gluten Free Panko Breaded Shrimp and Cod

Yes, I said BREAKING news!

I am honored to be able to announce here on "Gluten Free in Georgia...Finally" that Safeway stores across the United States are now selling three new Gluten Free Panko Breaded GF seafood products in their Waterfront Bistro line of frozen products.

And yes, after years of begging from the gluten-free community, two of these fabulous products are SHRIMP.  Not battered.  Not soggy.  But two of the highest quality, BEST Panko Breaded Shrimp Products I've EVER tasted. Seriously.  Gluten or Gluten Free

Here they are:

I have taste-tested all three, and they're easily baked in an oven or a toasted oven. (I tried it both ways.)  It is best if you let them rest for ONE MINUTE after you take them out of the oven -- it makes the panko crisp up. I cooked one of the shrimp on the convection cycle and it was perfect.  

You are about 15 minutes away from the best gluten-free breaded seafood you've had in years.  Light. Crunchy. Clean and fresh tasting. Gluten free. Also, made in a trustworthy dedicated gluten-free facility.

I (reluctantly, they were so good) shared them with my gluten-eating husband, and I swear, we were close to a fist-fight over the last shrimp.  

The portion size is generous -- several pieces of cod sell for $7.99 and a dozen shrimp sell for $8.99. I have to admit that I now crave the Honey Spice flavor, but alas, there is no Safeway store anyway near me in Georgia. Sigh. But you can find your store here!

Here's the dipping sauce recipe I made for them, though -- it was perfect for all of them:

1/2 cup mayo (I use Duke's, but you can use your choice) and 1/2 cup sour cream
(you can use light brand of both. I use Daisy light)
2 T. Sweet Pickle Relish (I use sugar free, but you can use regular or half dill and sweet)
1 t. chopped onion (I use freeze dried shallots because Randy hates onion)
1 heaping t. horseradish
1 shot hot sauce

Mix and let sit while the cod and shrimp cook. 

I bet they'd made a great dish for a Super Bowl Party, but if I were you, I'd buy them, hide them away from the others in your house, and plan yourself a gluten-free seafood feast.

Yeah. As a matter of fact, I am that selfish :-)

**Addendum: They are also available I'm told at Von’s  Randall’s, Tom Thumb, Dominics, all part of the Safeway Chain.

Much love, and THANK YOU everyone involved in bringing this fabulous product to the market.
You know who you are...xoxo