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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The vast wasteland

otherwise known as "A Trip to Macon."

I was kidding a friend the other day, but I have never considered Macon destination shopping, but with this new gluten free diet, I wanted to survey my options. Macon is about 30 minutes from my house, so it's the closest "city."


I can't tell you how disappointed I was by the availability there. I went first to Mia's Health Food Store, which, though they're lovely people, is no mecca for the gluten free. They don't have any more Larabar selections that my Kroger here, and they had fewer bags of Tinkyada pasta than I have in my pantry! I mean, I have more in stock than THEY DO!

Also, I'm really not comfortable patronizing a store that passes out the Phyllis Schafley newsletter. I'm sorry, but I choose not to go back there. Their organic produce section is smaller than the one in Milledgeville's Kroger. So I guess I'll just bug them and shop at home.

Another disappointment: Publix in Macon. Pickins were slimmer there than in Milledgeville, too. GAH, to quote Jena.

I did find some beautiful produce at the Georgia Farmer's Market, though. That is always worth a trip. I know if it's there, it probably is either 1. locally grown or 2. comes from the Cordele Farmer's Market, which is the state market for middle Georgia. It's supportive of local, sustainable stuff, which is fine with me.

Awkward seque: Awkward, because as much as I care about food contents, I still like ham :-).

I was seriously interested in a ham bone from Honey Baked Ham, only to find that their crunchy toppping has wheat starch in it. I am going to par boil the bone, drain it and pat it dry, and then use the one I bought (there's almost no glaze on it and that glaze isn't injected, so it doesn't penetrate). Thank goodness their turkey doesn't have it on there. It's Gluten Free, but sadly, Honey Baked Ham isn't.

It just baffles my mind the things that have wheat gluten added. I wanted to patronize a Jerry's Kids sidewalk sundae sale at Publix, but the ICE CREAM they were using had wheat starch in it. DAMN.

I told Randy on the way home, it saddens me that I can't get things I want in Macon. It's so close. But on the happier side, I now have a more regular reason to go to Atlanta and see my Daddy -- not that I needed one, but it's nice to add to the trip.

Much love as I have to go rinse out my new streaky hair color....


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