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Sunday, August 19, 2007

My blogging circle (or Sunday blessings)

I digress:

If you read the comments on this blog, you see that I have a blogging circle of wonderful former students. Julie, Joy, and Jenn are all dear friends of mine and of each other, all former Colonnade folks. Julie and Jenn were editors; Joy married a former editor and was one of the best section editors ever. (The Colonnade is the student newspaper at GCSU, and I advised it from 1996 to 2003.)

I made a comment a couple of days ago about how I saw some "fave alums" Friday, Mallery and Tyler. This started a competitive ribbing of "who is your favest fave" alum. It has kept me laughing all weekend.

So to my blogging circle of fave alumnae Julie, Joy, and Jenn: Actually, you're not at the top of the fave list. You've transcended that list to another list entirely. You're more than faves -- you're FAMILY. As a professor, I learned so much from all of you, and as your former professor, I am inspired by all you've become. I'm proud you choose to keep me in your lives.

And that list? It's short and very selective. Yes, JP is on it, too.

Much love, period.



The Bouceks said...

My bad about the link. Bill handles that stuff, but he is going to do it right this minute.

The Bouceks said...

We are family. I got all my sisters and me. Yet another lame attempt at trying to be funny from me.

The Petersons said...

J- I laughed at your comment...and now that song is stuck in my head.

Carter, I saw another GF product at Kroger and thought of is called Cherrybrook Kitchen - Chocolate Frosting. So, since you've found a source for GF cakes, etc. you can now put chocolate frosting on top! They also make pancake mix, but Addie didn't let me look at it to check for gluten...