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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A love letter to Popcorn, Indiana on National Popcorn Day

Dear Popcorn, Indiana.  I love you.  I wished I lived down the street from you.

Did you know today is National Popcorn Day?  It is.  It is!  And I am so happy, because, old white-haired men aside, I have discovered THE BEST gluten-free popcorn product on the market.

Popcorn, Indiana is the place from whence this magnificent product comes.  And I love, love, love it.
(and frankly, sadly, this is a much overdue post.  But as most of you my readers know, I'm fighting the good fight against a chronic illness now, so I don't get around much any more).

First things first.  I was provided a lovely sample box of their products (white cheddar, kettle corn, movie butter, etc.) before the holidays, and we slowly ate our way through the stash.  As we are both on Weight Watchers, we were VERY (ok tried to be) careful to keep those portions within our Points Plus values.  Well, they fit right in, but the popcorn was so darned good, we kinda had to kick in some extra points.

Two cups of that golden beautiful Movie Theatre Popcorn is 5 points.  That's a LOT of popcorn, too. (Seriously, I could eat more and count the points in the plus section, you know?)

For those of you who shy away from prepackaged popcorn, don't shy away from this!  It is so fresh!  Crunchy! Delicious! And I love the buttery Movie Theater Brand.

My favorite, which I've been using as a snack between back-to-back classes this semester, is the mini bags of Kettle Corn.  Now, as a diabetic, I don't normally indulge in Kettle Corn.  But THIS mini bag is 92 calories, has no HFCS at all and has 4 grams of sugar.  The bag is a mere 2 Points Plus points on Weight Watchers, and it has no nasty fats.

I love it.  I took a picture of the bag I'm planning to eat as my mid-morning snack.  Before I devour it, that is :-).  (Last week in my Ad Copywriting Class, I spent 10 minutes before class waxing poetically about this awesome kettle corn.  I am hopeful  I have converted the whole class into Popcorn, Indiana fans.

(picture by me)

The surprising part is the availability.  While I'd not heard of the brand until I met them on Twitter, I found them the next day at my local WalMart for a super-reasonable price. They're also at Sam's, at WalGreens, and at CVS.  That makes it easy to pick them up for an easy snack. They also are on Facebook and YouTube.  (kudos on the presence, by the way!)

This product is perfect for the #gf and #celiac and WEIGHT WATCHERS person -- but it does have some dairy in some products.  The label is easy to read and clearly discloses gluten. In fact it is marked Gluten Free.  Yay!  And there are gourmet Reserve flavors (must.find.wasabi) and new Chip'Ins, which sound great, too!

Thank you, Popcorn, Indiana. You're a part of our family snack pack now. And hey, in honor of National Popcorn Day there's a sale today -- check it out if you order online. 

And Happy National Popcorn Day! (photo from Popcorn, Indiana site).

Much love, and try it!