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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to School

Tomorrow, I start a new school year at Georgia College & State University. While I'm very sad that Randy headed home today for his own school year, I am happy to be beginning my 12th year here. If I can't be there with him, this is the next best place for me to be right now.

Admittedly, it will be wonderful to see my students again. I feel so much better now, and I hope I can be a positivie, effective teacher to them.

But I also have a whole new attitude in life. And for that, I'm thankful.

I've been exploring the GF options in downtown MillyVegas since I've been back to school, and I feel pretty good about things right now. I love sushi, and we have a booming new Japanese restaurant. They even said I could bring in my own bottle of LaChoy Soy Sauce! And there's fine Tex-Mex on the corner with chips, guac and cheese available. I don't know that I'll try much else there. We also have another Mexican place.

But mostly, I have to get organized and bring in my food for lunch. Today I brought in my stash of Larabars, nuts, fruit, and cheese; tomorrow I need to bring in some crackers I forgot.

On a sweet note, I ordered some baked goods from Bread of Life today. I read about them on the Celiac Chicks website, and when I visited their site, I was so impressed. I had an email exchange with Amy Middleton there, and she was delightful -- I could sense a sweet spirit in her. I can't wait to get my brownies, muffins, and mixes from there! I will report back, but for now, I've posted their address on the side.

And a big shout out to Joy Peterson, who has been scoping out the peanut butter aisle for me. Thanks, Joy. You ARE a JOY!

Much love and happy Tuesday,


petersonj said...

I do what I can....let me know if your wally world doesn't carry them and I'll be happy to send some from ours to you...

Rachel said...

Dr. Carter, I wanted to let you know that I was on Yahoo looking for recipes and saw there was a link on the side bar for gluten free recipes. You probably already know about this, but just thought I'd tell you anyway!

Rachel Miniscalco
*And yes, I do know you from the brief year that I lived with Joy while we went to GCSU. I never met you, but heard lots about you from Joy(good of course!). Anyway, thank you for the kind words a few weeks ago. And I'm glad that I now have another blog to stalk! :)