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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The best s'mores ever made -- hooray for @Plushpuffs

Do you love marshmallows but hate that they're so filled with preservatives?

I think everyone should snap up a few boxes of these delightful artisan marshmallows for the rest of the summer's cook out desserts. Or to eat out of the box. Or to eat out of the...wait. I already said that. You can order them from the site directly, in boxes or in bulk. Or both.

While the site has some great recipes I adapted a 

GRILL TOP S'more RECIPE (here's what they look like assembled).

Two aluminum cupcake pans lined with an aluminum foil cupcake liner (important for removal -- I get these at the Dollar Tree).
I graham cracker, broken in half, for each cup I use American Gra-Frutti gluten free graham crackers.
Two bars Bittersweet or Dark Chocolate (we used Lindt) Broken into chunks
One PLUSH PUFF per cup

Take the tin, and place a half graham cracker on the bottom.
Top with a crumble of chocolate, then a PLUSH PUFF, then more chocolate.
Make a hat for it with another chunk of Graham Cracker.

Place on the grill for about three-five minutes,  Watch carefully! Don't leave them.


Here's more information about PLUSH PUFFS:

Plush Puffs Gourmet Marshmallows are handmade, all natural, low-fat intensely flavored marshmallows! Many varieties are gluten free and have no high-fructose corn syrup. Light, fluffy, billowy puffs of sticky, gooey goodness, these gourmet marshmallows are made the old fashioned way – handmade in a two day process of whipping to a heavenly lightness, and flavored with the absolute highest quality all-natural ingredients. From whipping at a precise time and temperature to cutting them by hand, there are no short cuts taken to make these gourmet Puffs.
Plus there's a great assortment of gluten-free products.  

I hope you like them as much as I did! Order some now for your next treat!

Much love,

Six months in -- retirement at a glance (or, why I'm so behind on my blogging).

This is a profound apology to all of those merchants who've been sending me samples.

I'm behind and I apologize.

Those who know of my battle with Giant Cell Arteritis/Temporal Arteritis know I'm on chemo and prednisone and battle chronic illnesses. I don't use my health as an excuse lightly -- but I have been behind in my blogging about some fine gluten free products.

If you want to read about my health, click here.

I'm going to try to catch up as soon as I can. I appreciate your patience.