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Monday, August 6, 2007

Adventures in the MillyVegas GF wilderness

...or, as they call it here, Kroger.

This morning, after I took Jeffrey to work (and while Randy was deep in sleep) I ventured into our local Kroger. You have to understand something about Kroger here. Until a few months ago, when Wally World started selling organic stuff, it was the only grocery store in town with a dedicated health food section. When the store opened six or so years ago (replacing a Bi-Lo) you would have thought it was the second coming of Jesus already. With two college communities here, there is adequate (that word again) interest and support for organics and the like. Some folks are in food co-ops. But there aren't many local home-grown farm stands, which surprises me. You have to get lucky and know someone with a garden (which, thankfully, I do).

I've always thought Kroger was adequate for my needs -- they sold Amy's products, before anyone else, and it has Bob's Red Mill and various soy milks. They sold Kashi when Kashi wasn't cool. I buy a lot of frozen vegetables, so they have good brands there, too. But I've been dreading my first GF foray into the Kay-rogere...

So today, armed with my trusty magnifier, I went in search of the GF foods.

The pickins are slim, folks. The pickins are slim.

1. No frozen GF bread (but five kinds of whole wheat, one with an inch thick of ice on the bottom of the bag. ICK).

2. Six, maybe seven Amy's GF products, but no pizza.

3. TWO kinds of DeBoles brown rice pasta, the same ones at the Wally World.

4. FOUR Pamela's mixes -- the good ones like chocolate cake and brownies.

5. An outstanding selection of Bob's products -- all I need.

6. Three GF type's of Barbara's Puffins.

7. One kind of white and brown rice bread, the same brand.

and the most hopeful for last:

8. THREE kinds of Larabars!

They've just started over the summer stocking no-additive chicken (good news) but I've gotten used to a butcher shop that is so good, well, this was depressing. Just depressing.

The hummus I like was $2 a container more than it is in Tampa, which is also depressing. I need to bring the food processor back with me so I make it myself again.

The selection is adequate to get me through in a pinch. I spoke to the manager and asked him to please order the Tinkyada white and brown rice pasta (I hope he will. He wrote it in his palm pilot) and please get more Larabars. But they need to have a meeting with a few individuals who purchase stuff from them, and really beef up their product line for GF eating. I know it's a sea of folks out there in the Ville.

Much love as I commence to unpack...



Claire said...

Thanks for the link! I will add you as well!

Adam is my boyfriend of a little over a year.

I'm looking forward to reading future posts of yours. This is a very interesting take on food. This may be a silly question, but is gluten free the same as vegetarian/vegan?

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

No, Claire, but a lot of GF people become vegetarians because of food allergies. It's a good question. Someone who is GF usually have a disease called Celiac Disease, and they can't eat wheat, bran, barley, bulger, matzo, or any flour products. It also rules out some kinds of soy sauce (it is wheat based) and sadly, pasta.

A vegetarian doesn't eat meat products (some say anything with a face and a pulse, though some eat fish); A vegan also won't eat eggs, milk, or any animal protein products at all. My friend Sandy, for instance, won't take Gel Caps because the gelatin is made from cow products.

I don't plan to become a vegetarian, though I support them in their efforts. I'm more interested right now in foods that a sustainable -- locally grown, with no additives and pesticides. When you have allergies, overprocessed stuff really hurts.

I miss you!

The Minstrel said...

I'm starting to get into the whole organic food stuff as well as fair trade stuff here in Barcelona. I wish they had more stuff like that where I was from as well. It's frustrating and at the same time calming living in a small town such as Millyvegas. Good post. Do you mind if I add this to my list of blogs?

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

No, I'll add you too! Remind me of your URL of choice.

And if I were in Spain...I'd live on the wonderful sustainable stuff they produce. I love it. Manchego and Jamon Serrano....

I miss you JW!

celticjig said...

Wow, what a journey you have had to get where you are!Welcome to the GF blogging world! I do eat modified food starch if it is an American product because as of Jan 06 the labeling laws require it to have (wheat) in parenthesis if the starch has wheat in it. I have had no problems and it sure makes life easier! I will add you as a link to my blog too. Always good to hear from another Ginger!