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Monday, May 21, 2012

Harnessing the flavors of spring's first crop: Asaparagus

Along with this email I received a very generous sample of PaperChef's parchment paper and bags.  And now that I have fresh asparagus from the Fall Line Farmers Market (and other delicate Spring veggies perfect for oven roasting) I am delighted to recommend this product to you. 

I did add a splash of flavored oil to mine -- I had some white truffle oil I sprinkled on it. Amazing. holds all the shopping details you'll need for this awesome product.  

 Asparagus season is here and too often, this first and delicate spring vegetable is overcooked and drained of nutrients.  Many at-home cooks make the mistake of steaming most the nutrients out or roasting the crop to a crisp.


Asparagus can be tough if undercooked and chewy/mushy if overcooked. PaperChef’s parchment bags harness Asparagus nutrients and integrity by cooking the vegetable “en papillote” without burning, but steaming the Asparagus in a convection style of cooking.


Because of PaperChef’s high-grade parchment, no oil is needed.  Just toss the asparagus in, add a little lemon juice and some herbs or spices and out comes the most perfect asparagus after 20 minutes in the oven at 375 degrees.

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