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Monday, May 21, 2012

Fast Food, Hold the Guilt - The Green Life - @Sierraclub Magazine

An interesting note from The Sierra Club:

On the occasion you’re indulging in an extra large order of French fries, a chocolate milk shake or a goopy chicken wrap with too much dressing, fast food usually brings about feelings of guilt.  But man, it sure does taste good!


The Green Life identified several fast food joints that environmentalists can order from with a clear conscience:


Five Guys

Hardly healthy, their French friends are vegan and delicious.  Potatoes are cut fresh – no freezers here.  Without processing, they minimize energy input and the packaging is just a paper cup and an unbleached paper bag.  (Recommended by Jay Friedlander, Director, Sustainable Business program, College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, ME)


Le Pain Quotidien

Sustainability is done in an exceptionally fresh and tasty way by using organic ingredients, reclaimed & recycled materials, energy-efficient appliances, and environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies.  (Recommended by Hans Hess, founder and CEO, Elevation Burger)



They’re bringing environmentally conscious business practices to a large national chain by using natural meats, hormone-free chicken and organic beans, as well as eco-friendly design elements and biodegradable tableware.  (Recommended by Michael Wang, founder and of Foumami Asian Sandwich Bar in Boston, MA)


When you’re done eating, it may be time for a walk.  If you’re looking for more quick culinary fixes, check out

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