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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A #GF Holiday Cheer Giveaway from @TatesBakeShop


I really am excited about the gluten-free products from Tate's Bake Shop in New York.
Tate's Bake Shop sent me a sweet email last week, offering me a holiday gift basket to sample, and one to give away on my blog. According to the information they sent me,
Baker/owner Kathleen has been baking since she was eleven years old, selling chocolate chip cookies at her family’s farm stand. She specializes in simple American baking and puts special care into each new recipe she develops. The gluten-free line took several years to perfect and is now available at gourmet stores nationwide.
I have to say, I am so impressed in so many ways!  First, the basket was lovely.  I tore right into it, since I was headed to a holiday party that included a student with Celiac Disease.  So I brought her a package of Chocolate Chip Cookies for a treat.
She let me try one, and these cookies are MY kind of chocolate chip cookies.  They are really thin and they are REALLY crispy.  I don't like thick and chewy.
Last night, Randy and I shared a brownie, and again, it is one of the most delicious gluten-free brownies I've ever eaten. Rich, thick and dense.  I am so happy!  I hid the others so he won't find them (aren't I evil?)
I really appreciate the gesture, but even better new for YOU, readers of my blogs:  Tate's Bake Shop has given me a basket to give away to you, my readers.
Here's what you have to do:  Between today and Dec. 15 at 5 p.m.:
Like them on Facebook
Follow them on Twitter:
And then post a comment about someone you'd like to give the basket to for the holidays. Or, why you deserve it.  I will pick one winner from the list.
As a wonderful consolation prize, Tate's is offering a discount code for my readers.  I'll post it when I announce the winner.
Happy Holidays, Good Luck, and THANK YOU Tate's Bake Shop!

Much love,



AshleyRae said...

I would love to give this basket to a friend of mine who I just started seeing, who has the allergy and has already told me that he'd give anything to have some GREAT gluten free brownies or cookies! Apparently, they are hard to come across. Thanks so much. Cheers & Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I've entered contests for Tate's Bake Shop but never won. I'd be wonderful to both keep and share the offerings in this gift basket with my family, some of whom have food allergies and must have gluten-free.