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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fruitcake Cookies and Nog, gluten-free style

This is about a happy marriage I never expected to live on in my life.

Yes Virginia, there is good Soy Nog and gluten-free Fruitcake Cookies for us!

When I went gluten-free, one of the foods I mourned, that I really wanted around the holidays, was fruitcake cookies.  I had a love of Claxton Fruitcake, and when I couldn't get one, I would make cookies filled with nuts, cherries, and love.

And Egg Nog -- ahhhh.  I know, love it or hate it.  With fruitcake cookies, well, it was a holiday match made in heaven (and yes, I bought egg nog throughout the holidays -- even into January,  LOVE)

I was pleased a few weeks ago to receive a coupon for the new Earth Balance Soy Nog.  I found it for sale at Whole Foods, and I brought it home.

And I lovingly paired with the new delicious fruitcakes from American Gra-Frutti, now in Roswell, Ga.

Oh my.  Happy Holidays to me.

First, the Soy Nog is good -- it's very mild, and I suppose you could add bourbon or rum to it if you were so inclined.  I thought it very tasty -- better than the soy-based competition.  I wish it much success for those who are dairy and egg free.  This nog's for you!

Here's what it looks like in the carton.  And honestly, you won't notice a difference in the taste!

Now, for those fruitcake cookies.  I've written much about American Gra-Frutti , and it continues to be one of my favorite artisan bakehouses.  Now in its newlocation in Roswell, American Gra-Frutti has just debuted a FRUITCAKE COOKIE that is sold in large packs.

Now there's a problem:  I ate them all before I got a picture.  That would be hint no. 1 that like all the products, these cookies are first-rate! They are ligh

You can now find American Gra-Frutti products (including a yummy Red Velvet Cupcake) at 1007 Mansell Road, Suite D, Roswell, GA 30076. Whole Foods also carries the products.

two for the road? 

The products are available all through the holidays by calling the bakeshop at 770-587-5874.
 It's time for two weeks of serious holiday celebration! Now you know where to go for outstanding cheer!

Much love, 


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American Gra-Frutti said...

Thank you for the kind words about our Fruit Cake Cookies, Ginger! We're glad that you enjoyed them and found such a complimentary pairing for the cookies.

Happy Holidays to one of The Admiral's Favorite Ambassadors.