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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Students to be proud of (A Sunday Blessing)

Around here we're swamped with the end of the semester woes. I'm trying hard to get in the holiday spirit, but it's hard this year -- post surgery, I'm still feeling the pinch of doctor and hospital bills. It's going to be a LEAN and handmade holiday, for sure.

But I get a good, warm feeling when I think about the work of two of my class, and I wanted to take time out to say something about my PR and Admin Class, and especially my PR Writing Class.

One Tuesday, my PR Admin class put together a world-class Relay For Life Kickoff. The planned, pitched, fundraised, worked, and executed this even, which was attended by more than 100 community leaders.

The best part? The even was free of charge to the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life in Baldwin County. In turn, we made a contribution of more than $800 (cash and in kind) toward the fight against cancer.

I am so proud of the Newtwork!

But my Pr Writing Class, "The Girls Gone Wild (in PR Writing,) well, I have to say, they make me smile. I knew they had hearts of gold when I had my surgery a few weeks ago, but they've really shown their generosity.

They were also involved in the Relay kickoff, writing cancer survivor stories for the Baldwin Bulletin and also contributing to the script for the survivor slide show. One of the class, Lauren Edwards, was especially touched by her survivor, an 8-year-old named Hannah Layfield. Hannah is the Honorary Chair for the 2008 Relay For Life. She's a cutie, with an older brother who protects her, and a mama and daddy who would (and have) done anything for her.

Lauren had the idea we should make a Christmas basket for the family, and the class jumped on it. In just a couple of days, these 14 girls have FILLED this basket with toys, games, candy, gift cards, and MONEY for the family. They are digging deep, asking their friends and family for contributions, and on Tuesday, we'll assemble this basket for delivery.

They even talked our class client, a local photographer, into donating a family portrait. How wonderful!

I know people say a lot of things about the shallowness of college students today, but you won't see it in these two classes! By and large, they are generous, thoughtful young adults, and I"m proud to know them. I'm proud to teach them.

They make my heart smile, and I hope they'll make yours smile, too. THEY remember the reason for the season!

I may be poor in the checkbook right now, but I"m infinitely RICH in those I know and love.

Much love to my students!
Ging (AKA Dr. Carter Miller)


Gluti Girl said...

That is a great Sunday blessing!

Joyous said...

This made me smile :) What a wonderful group! You are indeed rich, dear Carter. More than you know :)

The Bouceks said...

Looks like you got a good crop this time around...makes up for lazy ones like ours! Hey, at least we were fun! And we must have been teachable too since we all still write everyday - our blogs are really like mini feature writing assignments!