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Sunday, December 16, 2007

A cookie roundup for the non baker (A Sunday Blessing)

Today's 9 days til Christmas blog is dedicated to my friends with the baking gene, which, say it all together, sadly, I lack. I am not posting recipes right now, but you'll find directions to them here.

Last night, we got home from Indiana, and I finally, carefully, opened my care package of cookies from Melanie in Indy. I didn't open it at the hotel (I was kinda mad. My favorite movie was on TV - It's a Wonderful Life - but Randy didn't really want to watch it all AND he made fun of my favorite scene. And instead of standing up for myself or going to the lobby, I was a mean old baby and sulked. I was SURE I told him before he married me I need to see it all this time of year. At least twice.)

I carefully carried the cookies through security (checked first, ready to check them in case I couldn't take them home) and then brought them carefully on the plane. I put them under my seat. They were 14K gold to me.

We finally got home around 5 p.m. and had to fetch Jeffrey and get dinner. Pouring rain, etc. Dampened my mood. Everything was so demanding. I was ready for a break.

Back from dinner, I sat myself in the big chair and I smiled prettily at Randy (ok, I tried) as I opened the box bearing my Christmas goodie treats. It was TIME, Daddy. It was TIME. I mentioned to sweet, understanding Randy that these were MINE since he could get treats anywhere.

I lifted the box lid. Glory hallelujah! I had cookies fit for a queen.

Melanie had already told me there were GF brownie bites in there, so I handed one of those to Randy because I'm nicer than I look. And then I ate:
A turtle
Two Snowballs
A Magic Cookie Bar
Three little trees.
A pecan tassie

And there are some left!

Words cannot express how much I appreciated the cookies themselves, and the gesture behind them. Melanie, thank you again!

If you're looking for some good cookie recipes, go to The turtles are near the top, and there are two cookie posts at least!

I couldn't do this post today without noting the holiday contributions of four of my bestest blogger buddies:

My dear Gluten-Free Steve (love HIM!) has awesome cookies linked from David's site. Anything made with a York Peppermint Patty is good by me! (I am Peppermint Patty in Charlie Brown. That's me.)

And my Southern Blogger chick buddy, Carrie, the Ginger Lemon Girl -- cookie roundup there! Big hugs to my southern sister in gluten freedom!

And my Texas buddy Cassandra, who is amazing (and whom I hope to meet next week when we're in Dallas), well, she has all kinds of goodies on her blog.
She has some great ideas for last-minute homemade gifts! (big hug to you and those cute little boys!)

Sweet Kate of Gluten free Gobsmacked has naked men on her site! OK, cookie men. And the greatest candy. I love it. Check it out. (xoxo chickie)

And a special shoutout to my friend Alexsandra who was going to COMMISSION me some cookies! Her blog is so inspirational -- it makes me think. I love it!

So that's it. I did a roundup of cookie roundups. It's the closest as I'm going to get to posting a recipe. But you can count on me for improvision. I'll save that for tomorrow or Tuesday.

Much love, minus the baking gene,


Cheekalina said...

OH.. this little round up of yours has given me the baker's bug! Sadly, I have to wait until school lets out for break before I really get into the groove. (And by then, my family will be in town and able to help me eat them!) We give cookie plates away to our neighbors (with dog biscuits for the doggie neighbors). Easier said than done this year - because due to the flooding around here, my husband's work has cancelled their cookie exchange. DANG IT! I gotta make them myself now. LOL (Actually, the cookie platters were a great way to usher the gluten-filled goodies OUT of the house... this year the platters will be GF all around.)

Hope you are well and hearing many angels get their wings soon!

The Bouceks said...

Cookies.....yummy! I just ate my weight in gluten-filled cookies - tis the season, I guess.

Your GF friends are so good to you. That is a Sunday Blessing indeed!

Gluti Girl said...

Ok, that made me cry. Tears of joy. It's the happiest I've ever felt giving someone cookies. That's my Christmas blessing :)

a kelly said...

Only a GF person can really understand this, it goes beyond the normal enjoyment of Christmas is enjoying food, really wonderful food that doesn't hurt us anymore.
Definitely A Sunday Blessing!
And yes, I'm crying too...
(The Baker made gf shortbread and I'm snowed in...WITH GF SHORTBREAD,oh my!!)
your blogger buddy in Canada

Cassandra said...

I hope to meet you soon, too. And Melanie got you first, but I've been planning some cookies for you, too. :)

Jessica said...

It's TIME, Daddy, it's TIME!

The Steel Magnolia shout-out made me laugh. I'm glad you got so many special cookies to enjoy.

Carrie said...

thanks ginger!! You rock girl!! what a great roundup! Thank you for including me!! ;-)