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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Makin' Christmas

We had the office Christmas party, and I took my admin class out to lunch today. Tomorrow's my official last day of school for the year. Tonight, I made Christmas presents for my co-workers.

Things are really LEAN this year, more so than the last 10 years. With the hospital bills, etc. I am really streteched to the limit.

So I decided to make my Famous Jambalaya Mix for everyone. People have liked it in the past -- one friend asked for a big jar of it. So it is tried and true. I guess I've been making it for about seven years now!

I thought I'd share the recipe if you were in the mood for a hostess gift (I bought little airtight buckets at the Dollar Tree for mine) or a neighbor present. I'll also include the instructions.

Jammin' Jambalaya Mix (P.S. Naturally GF)
(per batch)

1.5 cups of long grain plain rice (NOT Minute Rice)
1 heaping T. dried onion
I heaping T. dried parsley
1 heaping T. dried green or red peppers (not hot peppers) (I used a red pepper/garlic mix)
1 heaping T. dried boullion powder (I use a GF tomato blend but beef or chicken is also good)
Optional 1 bay leaf
1/2 T. dried celery leaves (not salt or seed)
1 t. dried thyme
1/2 t. pepper
1/2 t. garlic powder
1/8 t. dried cayenne or red pepper flakes (hot stuff)

Mix the above in a tightly sealed container.


The enclosed container has close to 2 cups of rice mixture. You can divide it in half for two meals, or make one extra grande sized pot of jambalaya. One scant cup of the mix will serve 3-4 people. The whole thing will serve 6-8 people.

In a heavy bottomed Dutch over, brown the meats of your choice in olive oil. You can use cubed boneless chicken or turkey breast, sliced smoked sausage (even andouille if you're being authentic), or chopped or cubed ham. You can use whole cut up chicken pieces, leftover turkey, or even pork cubes. Figure six-eight oz. of meat per person. (So you might brown two chicken breasts with a package of smoked sausage for 3-4 people).

Brown the meat and leave it in the bottom of the pan. Add rice mix. Remember, one cup of the rice mix will serve three - four people; the entire container will serve between 6-8.

Stir rice mixture with meat to release spices and soften rice. When rice is well coated and sizzling, add TWO CUPS of water per cup of rice and a full can (14.5 oz) diced cut tomates with juice. If you don't like chunky tomatoes, add a 14 oz can of tomato sauce. If you're a snob about tomato in Jambalaya, add another cup of water. We can debate this later.

Bring mix to a boil and reduce to low heat and simmer til rice is soft and jambalaya is thick. It will take about 20 minutes. (I have a trick I use with rice. I fold two sheets of paper towers and put them under the lid (over the right) so the rice steams. Be careful not to let the paper towel catch on fire, but this is a great method for fluffy rice.)

If the jambalaya is too mild for you, season with hot sauce.


I enclosed little bottles of hot sauce for the friends at work who like hot sauce. I am hoping they'll like it. If you try it, I hope you'll like it too. I keep it on hand for Jeffrey -- he loves Jumbo Liar.

I hope you have a great day!

Much love,


The Bouceks said...

Makin' Christmas is better Buying Christmas any year!

Looks yummy, and I know they will all love it!

Carrie said...

this is great Ginger!! LOVE IT!!

Karen said...

That looks like a great idea! I love jambalaya and I love the idea of pre-mixed, yet homemade, "starter" kits.

I keep a jar on my spice rack of premixed herbs and spices just for making jambalaya. Yum!

Cassandra said...

Happy Last Day of School!
I'm making some bath salts for Christmas. Maybe some mixes in a jar, too. :)

Sheltie Girl said...

Very nice mix...I know everyone who gets one will love it.

I hear you about making Christmas gifts this year...I'm just not up for the shopping, etc.

Sheltie Girl @ Gluten A Go Go