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Friday, December 14, 2007

Blogger buddies and care packages

We're still in Indianapolis, but I wanted to write and tell a special story.

One of my blogger friends, Melanie of The Gluti Girls, lives here in Indy. When she found out we were passing within a MILE of her house, she suggested a safe place to eat dinner. I suggested we dine together.

Melanie didn't feel great, but she sent her lovely husband Steve to the restaurant WITH A BOX OF COOKIES FOR ME! She knows I am missing the baking gene because she reads here...BUT anyway, Steve showed up with cookies and asked if he could join us for dinner. We were delighted to dine with hiim -- the place was very nice, and I don't anticipate any reaction.
We had a great time chatting and getting to know each other.

After dinner, Steve called and Melanie was feeling OK, so we rode over and got to sit around her lovely kitchen table, and we met her cute puppies and talked Gluten free food. I meant to take a picture for the blog with the cell phone camera, but we got so caught up in talking...time got away and we had to run. The rental car was due back at 8 p.m.

We're heading home tomorrow, and I'm kinda sad. I would have loved to have crashed the big party :-). I would have at least gone over and helped you chopped veggies and Velveta, Melanie.

You know, we're lucky out here in the GF blogosphere. We make friends. We share stories. Our lives become richer. Georgia's not nearly so far away from Indiana out here in the blog roll.

And when we're very lucky, we get care packages with GF cookies!

Much love,


Cassandra said...

It's always fun to meet your friends Alive and In Person. How nice of her to send a care package with you. :)

Cheekalina said...


Oh, Melanie - I am jealous!

=) Glad you are having fun while traveling, Ging!


a kelly said...

I am so happy for you, that you got cookies!! I was going to have My Baker send you some (since I haven't tried GF baking either and his are so good anyway). Just say the word...
chocolate chip, peanut butter or....GINGER (Carter Miller) snaps...and they'll be in the mail!!
Your GF pizza sounds awesome too.
I love the blogosphere.

Gluti Girl said...

Oh I felt so bad I didn't get to have dinner with you all! It would have been so fun to have you all at our party. I am praying I start feeling better because I am not much better this morning, although I did eat this morning. And darn it all, I thought about the picture after you left. I should have had Steve taken one of us.

I'm also praying you are able to make it out of the airport and don't get snowed in here. I am thinking we won't have many show up tonight by the way they are talking on the news.

Be safe all the way home and I am so happy I got to meet you both. Hopefully, you all will need to do more research and we can meet and eat that pizza together next time!