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Saturday, December 8, 2007

A most wonderful season (A Sunday Blessing)

I know it's Saturday, but tomorrow is as booked a today! I'm in Tampa (a month with Randy! YAY) and we've been visiting friends and shopping for family for Christmas.

It's good to be home. That is my blessing right now. I miss Jeffrey but soon we'll all be reunited.

Mostly, though, I've been eating out, shopping, and playing with my honey. YAY.

Yesterday was Randy's office party, and it was so nice. He told them about my GF issues, and they went out of their way to get me a piece of grilled chicken, plus I had veggies and a salad, too. And three Chicken Wings. Did you know that Original Buffalo Wings from Anchor Bar in Buffalo are sold by mailorder on a cold pack? AND they're GF? I called them and asked. They don't flour them before frying, and there's no gluten in the sauce (they read it to me on the phone). You can get 50 wings sent to your door for $90 -- if you're into the authentic, it sounds like a lot of fun. And they were SO GOOD.

Last night I had a GF moment of joy -- thai food. Spring rolls made with rice paper (no wheat or soy sauce) and then pad thai with seafood (no flour or soy sauce. I also tasted Randy's satay and curry. YUM. That the place was willing to check ingredients for me made me happy, and I didn't get a bit sick that I could tell. I ate way too much, though. Then we made a Stein Mart run and went to Tuesday Morning AND Borders.

It was surreal today. It was 90 degrees and people were in shorts and flip flops. We should have put the top down (I got the Mustang cleaned up for Randy for a Christmas present). But we had fun. First we went to the Ybor City Market, and I did buy some honey. It is locally produced AND honestly, it was so distinctive. I could TASTE the difference in the seasons. Yum. Then we did a little GF shopping. I discovered Pamela's Anise flavored biscotti -- anise cookies are a staple in my family at Christmas. This might soothe that urge. And Snickerdoodles! I hope they're good.

We went to the mall (more surreal) Where I saw people in red and green tank tops. OK! And Santa flip flops. I won't say what we've bought, since I think some of our family reads my blog. But we're almost done. We have a lot to do these next couple weeks, that's for sure, so we need to get the shopping done.

We're also enjoying time with our friends. We are having dinner with Larry tonight (he was a reader at our wedding) and visiting with Tim and Robin tomorrow. Monday I get to see Andrew Aidan Humphrey (baby son of Uncle Buck to the Colonnade friends)and I can't wait to hold this little fella. I love it. He's one of Randy's former students. I don't think Randy is going to be an Aggie (adopted grandpa) like I always want to be an Aggie. Partly, I'm guessing, because he went to Texas.

As I look out our window, I see the grapefruit tree hanging with tons of beautiful pink grapefruit. We'll be picking those Tuesday morning to take on the trip and give out here and in between. They're looking good. SO are my two lemons.

I miss my Tampa home, its stores and its shopping, when I'm not here. I have fun these last two days.

Much love and happy holidays! This is part of it, right?


The Bouceks said...

Send me some warm weather - it is mighty chilly up here. I'm so excited that you get to see little Humphrey. Send my hellos to them.

Good luck with the rest of your shopping.

We miss you!

a kelly said...

What a treat to hear about a warm and sunny place where they wear flip flops and tank tops. AND you are eating GF!! It's a WONDERFUL LIFE!

Merry Christmas from the cold north!!

Cassandra said...

I think it made it up to 80 yesterday, but it's in the high 30s right now. :)
I love gf surprises.
Oh, guess what. As usual, my brownies were the first ones gone at our church Christmas party last night. Gluten-free is great!