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Thursday, December 13, 2007

GF Pizza = manna from heaven

My sweet husband did some research and found a GF Pizza in Bloomington, Indiana for me.

Lennie's =

I am bowing to you, chef Fred Manion. You created GF crust that is so tasty, no one would know it was GF. WONDEFUL STUFF. We had ours with two kinds of sausage and mushroom.

YUM. I was in heaven. First pizza in about six months.

Also, I am bowing in the direction of the Grant Street Inn, which was so gracious in making sure the breakfast buffet offerings were GF for me. I had a delish egg dish, homemade hashbrowns, and bacon. YUM. And while they have more those who ingest gluten, it was lovely all the same. It's a beautiful (and reasonably priced) B&B just blocks from the IU campus (where we're doing research).

I met a lovely woman and her IU student daughter -- LSS her husband was diagnosed with CD just last week, so I told her about the blog, the blogroll, and the CD forum. If she comes by here, HI again, and I wish you good luck in your life conversion! Just holla if you need anything.

Much love. Did I mention it's cold in Indiana? Damn....


The Bouceks said...

Bundle up tight. Hope you discover lots of yummy food on the rest of your travels.

Gluten Free Steve said...

GF pizza - yum!! I'm glad you're having a good trip.

Gluti Girl said...

It's either freezing cold here in Indiana or it's stinking hot! You know it was in the 90's clear into late October this year and then's cold. It's not as cold as it's gonna get either!

I keep telling my husband I'm supposed to live in California, more specifically San Diego, where it's 70 degree year round, but he's not listening to me!

I'm sure my ancestors were suppose to get on a wagon heading west and were late. The wagon left without them. I'm not supposed to live in a cold climate.