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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

What happened in Vegas....

stayed in Vegas.

We had a wonderful visit.

1. I took no pictures, though I toted around the camera everywhere I went.

2. I bought no souvenirs, not even a single tshirt.

3. I did not physically step foot on the strip proper. THE WHOLE TIME.

4. I did not lose any more money than I intended to.

5. I lost more money than Randy did, as usual.

6. I will never stay at the time share there -- AGAIN.

7. and most importantly: I did not get glutenated, even though I ate at two risky buffets and a weird casino rib joint.

We ate two fabulous restaurants, Nob Hill and Cafe Ba ba Reba. They were so diligent about making sure I had no gluten. And we had ribs at a casino BBQ joint called Ellis Island. GREAT ribs, $20 for both of us to have a feast of ribs and chicken. YUM. We also had a great time at the buffet at the Rio (I had a steak and crab legs - yum) and The Wynn. I highly recommend them all. I also discovered a new cocktail at the Rio -- the Washington Apple: Crown Royal, Apple Pucker, and Cranberry Juice. I had several of them on the house :-)

And the flight home was great! I slept, Randy read, and we were seated by a lovely woman and her daughters. They fed Randy shrimp chips and rice crackers.

The amusements:

It was "pimp and ho" night Saturday at the Flamingo. We saw plenty of pimps and hos all weekend. We also saw a lot of people who clearly didn't have any mirrors in their hotel rooms. We saw this one girl, probably about 22, whose boobs weighed more than she did. Her dress was the size of a Handi Wipe. AND she was so drunk, she was stumbling on her stilettos. I kept waiting for her to topple forward and prove she was a natural blond...

The disappointments:
We called the time share place The Bacon Palace, since our room smelled like rancid cooked bacon. NOTHING they did could get the smell out, though I'm not sure they ever really tried. I had a mirgraine for the first 25 hours until we finally gave up and changed rooms. But this didn't happen with a good attitude on their part -- or on mine, to be frank. I pay a lot of money to have this time share, and they treated us like trash. In fact, when I did my owner update meeting, they treated me like a deadbeat. A letter to them is coming soon.

Food at the LV airport: I could barely find anything to eat at the airport, and the biggest insult was at Wolfgang Puck's. I asked if I could buy a chicken breast (from the salad/sandwich with fancy bread and fillings, plus chips). Sure, for full price.
Now I know why you're so rich, Woflie. All I could find without gluten was a chef's salad at Starbucks. It was decent.

So that's about it. We had a lot of fun playing Jackpot Party and Wheel of Fortune on the nickle machines, we enjoyed our pool and the sports book at both the Wynn and Rio, and we enjoyed being together. All we needed for a perfect weekend was a little respect from the Wyndham Grant Desert Resort...

Much love and and a bag of shrimp chips.


Danny, Jennifer, and Baby Watson said...

HA!!! We had a Pimps and Hos party one time with the sorority in college, but it was called a Red Light Ball to soften the blow a bit.

Love The Flamingo! Well, it's the only place I've ever stayed in Vegas. Is The Luxor still cool? I can't believe you never made it to the strip...

On the time share, SCREW them. I hope your letter conveys the disgust and disappointment you clearly feel, and I hope your money goes elsewhere in the future.

Glad you're back safely and had a nice time.

The Bouceks said...

Shrimp Chips sound yummy to me. Glad to hear you didn't lose too much of my inheritance while you were out in Sin City!