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Sunday, September 9, 2007

A gracious plenty (Sunday Blessings)

I got up this morning with a hymn in the back of my mind: count your blessings, name them one by one. And you know what, that's what I'm about to do.

I looked in the refrigerator last night for something to snack on, and I realized it's crammed to the edges. My freezer is, too.
For someone who has just had to make significant modifications to her diet, I'm living rather large. My cup runneth over, so to speak. Yes, I'm blessed.

Jeffrey said he wanted some spaghetti today, so I'm making some for us for dinner. He's such a blessing to me, even if I don't always say it. His love and heart and so pure. He is so simple in his needs. He's really a great son. MY son! I'm so proud of him and what he has become.

I've been kind of whiny lately -- especially Friday -- but a post on the CD Forum this morning brought it into perspective: There are lots of options in today's world for someone who is gluten intolerant. I was remembering when I first was diagnosed with type ii diabetes. That was pre Splenda and I can't remember if there were many good products out there. Times and science change. That is a blessing. I just have to remember that when I find something I love that's GF not to eat the whole jar (Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter, for instance. And yesterday, a massive amount of apple butter).

I came home Friday to a Jena postcard! And a Julie change of address card. I am so happy to get real mail instead of a bill I can't pay for three weeks. Jena loves to send me post cards, and I am trying to reciprocate EXCEPT the last one got lost somehow. I'm blessed the mail works from Atlanta to Milly, I guess.

And I'm also SO blessed to have my GF girls to support me so much: Funny they all have J names -- and they're in journalism. Hmmm. So I want to remind Julie, Joy, Jenn, Jessica, Jena and Jodie how much I love and appreciate them. (And JP too -- he's a man, though). Blessed Blessed Blessed! Oh, how could I forget Claire? I declare, I forgot Claire!

For all my whining, I felt so good yesterday I performed with our clogging group at the Library Fair. I haven't danced with the Old Capitol Cloggers in more than two years! But except for the shifting stage yesterday and heat yesterday, I felt no ill effects. I stopped dancing because of heel pain, which is now gone. A blessing, indeed. My Jeffrey was so great -- he always tries to get the crowd to applaud for us...he watched the entire performance. For a kid who doesn't ever sit AND he brought me, and a few others, cold water he bought with his own money.

I had one other blessing yesterday. I wrote rather shamefully about my problems with the CD board moderator. All day yesterday I tiptoed around the board, posting a little, lurking a little. Late last night, while Auburn was losing to South Florida (a blessing for my darling, my husband, who is fighting a cold in Florida, but not for me,) I saw that the moderator's Mother in law had passed away. I never met my new mother in law, Randy's Mom. She died when we had only started dating, but he loved her so much. I know in heaven I'll finally get to tell her what a great son -- what great SONS -- she reared. In spite of our differences, I wrote the moderator a note to tell her how sorry I was. Then I prayed for her family.

She wrote back the sweetest note and apologized for the misunderstanding on the board.. I was touched that, at this time of sorrow, she'd reach out to me. But it was a beautiful peaceful note that really finally put my hurt to rest. So that was a HUGE blessing.

It reminded me of something, something I needed to think about. If you look for things to whine about, you'll find plenty. But there are blessings, bountiful blessings, everywhere. I think I'll look for those instead.

Much love on this beautiful, blessed day!
grateful Ging


The Petersons said...

Your blog made me feel better just reading it!

Hope you have a wonderful upcoming week!

The Bouceks said...

And I just thought our sermon at church was moving. Wow! I love all of your blogs, but the Sunday Blessings are my favorites. What a neat tradition you have started.You are a blessing to all of us Js!!!

Jodie Lauren said...

i love reading your blog, always of course, to find out what is going on in the life of carter =) thank you for feeling blessed by me, because i know i am truly blessed to have you in my life. and guess what?? you have to deal with me for at least the next two years!!! haha i love you dearly and felt better after having read this post.