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Monday, September 10, 2007

Crock Pot Unstuffed Cabbage

I will say this. I love my Crock Pot! I have one in Milly and Tampa, and both get a lot of use. Today was a red-letter day in Crock Pot land. I made my favorite meal for dinner!

The story: About 16 or so years ago, maybe 20, I decided that I liked stuffed cabbage. Not a typical thing to like, for sure. My Mom was in the habit, once I declared this, of making me stuffed cabbage at least twice a year -- once for my birthday dinner (with mashed potatoes and the strawberry or Watergate cakes I so loved) and once in the fall.

Yesterday, after reading reciped for the upcoming Jewish Holidays of Yom Kippur and Rosh Hoshana, I got a hankering for stuffed cabbage. It hit BAD. I have rarely made it since my Mom died, for all the usual reasons. The fact that NO MAN whom I have lived with in my life likes it is part of the reason. This was a dish for me, by my Mom.

Now my Mom, she found the perfect recipe for me, from her friend Sara Raider Cohen. My copy is stained with tomato and all, but I found it....and had an epiphany.

What if I made this unstuffed, and in the Crock Pot? Would it hold up to the original? Was it (gasp) heresy?

What the heck. I thought I'd give it a try. Know what.


I had to MAKE myself stop eating it so I could share the recipe with you. I ate this so fast, I didn't have time to take a picture.

It would be perfect for the holidays this week -- close to the original, SO tasty. AND it's naturally Gluten Free. I've also made it very low sugar. Actually, very low carb and fat, too, depending on your beef choice.

it's quick and easy, too -- much easier than rolling the rolls. It took me five minutes to put it together, which means I'll be having it more than twice a year. (I swear, Abbey, I thought about it all through Seminar today...)

Sweet and Sour Unstuffed Cabbage

In a bowl, mix:

1 pound ground beef (any grade will do fine)
1/2 c. uncooked Minute Rice (or Success) OR 1/2 c. cooked plain white or brown rice
1 egg
1/2 t. salt
1/2 t. pepper
Juice from one 16 oz (or thereabouts) can of diced tomatoes (You can use any flavor, except chili style)
1 t. Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning (or garlic powder)

Mix and set aside.

In your Crock Pot, layer the following:

1 bag of grated raw cole slaw mix (just the cabbage - I used the one with carrots)
1 small can of drained saurkraut (or 1 c. refrigerated style)
1 small onion, chopped (I used Penzeys dried shallots, 1/4 cup)
The can of diced tomatoes
Give it a stir in the Crock Pot.

Open a large can (around 16 oz) of tomato sauce (GF) flavored with 3 T. Brown Sugar Splenda OR mix in 1/4 c. dark brown sugar. I used roasted garlic flavor myself. Use anything except chili flavored. Hit it with a couple of dashes of hot sauce, or leave that out if you don't like a little bite. (What is REALLY good is Rotel tomatoes in this....with the hot sauce. But I only added hot sauce this time.)

Pour half the sweet/hot tomato sauce on top of the cabbage mixture. If you think it's way too thin (I promise, it's not) you can add half a cup of water. But you don't need it because the kraut and cabbage sweat a lot).

Make between four and eight small rolls of the beef mixture and nestle on top of the cabbage; top with remaining tomato sauce.

Cover and cook on high for at least six hours (I did eight with no problems).

Place two beautiful rolls on cabbage and enjoy. Spoon tomato sauce on your mashed potatoes (wait...I forgot to make them! MMMMMMAAAAAAAAAA!

Much love, and I miss you so much, Mama...



ByTheBay said...

Thanks for sharing this - Of course you are welcome to link to me! I appreciate your comment on my blog. Be well.

The Petersons said...

To bad I don't like cabbage. Before I only associated it with corn beef and cabbage...Now I associate it with drying up my milk.

Sorry, had to share!

Jodie Lauren said...

ok now i'm not a huge cabbage fan, but this sounds delicious! i'm glad you enjoyed it!

The Bouceks said...

I think I'll leave the cabbage for you! Does The Baby not eat it either??