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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Doing the happy dance

I read it last night, and it's twue, it's twue (to quote Madalyn Kahn in "Young Frankenstein".)

Lee Roy Selmon's, MY FAVORITE restaurant in Tampa, has a gluten-free menu AND Redbridge Beer, the best GF beer on the market! (Joy, remember when we took you and JP there when you'd gotten back from your honeymoon?)

Next weekend when I hit Tampa, I hope we'll dine there so I can show my appreciation to them. I know they're an Outback company (and Outback is a leading proponent of GF meals at the GFRAP-Gluten Free Restaurant Association Program). And I'm so happy they've come on board as such active supports of Gluten Free Dining. YAY US!

Of course, my favorite dish is missing from the GF menu, so I've written to find out why. It might be because of a cross-contamination issue, I don't know. But I will post my finding when I get it from the restaurant.

In the interim, I'm so happy! Visit the menu at!

Also, if you're reading Newsweek this week, there's an article about Celiac Disease, which is all the buzz in the CD/GF community. It's good stuff, even if it does focus on the same few people and the same few restaurants in New York. But as we teach in PR class, good PR is good PR is good PR. THAT article is good PR.

As I write this, I can smell meatballs cooking in a Crock Pot down the hall. My students are giving a party for a classmate who just got married. I am afraid there will be little GF I can eat (the meatballs have bread crumbs) BUT I was so touched that a few of the students tried to find GF goodies for me -- including Natalee, who made a beautiful cake. She came into my office, almost apologizing, but said she couldn't find a GF cake mix. No worries, my dear, it's not my party -- but it is SO SWEET the kids worry about this for me.

I am blessed. I said it before, I'll say it again.

Much love,



The Petersons said...

That place was awesome! I swear it's the reason I gained 10 lbs on my honeymoon--not all of the buffets on the cruise : )

I am still on the lookout for more GF products, but up here in Rome, I don't see many. I could insert an ugly comment here, but I am trying to be better about being ugly. I guess that thinking an ugly comment is just as bad as saying it, but I digress.

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...