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Friday, September 7, 2007

Snack pack attack!

I'm hungry.

Reallllllly hungry. On the way to work I was craving some Boar's Head sliced turkey (hey, it's Gluten Free -- did you see their national ads?) but a student was coming by to get something signed, so I didn't go. And now it's 9:35 and I am


I'm sure part of this is because I didn't have much dinner last night, just some organic freeze dried bananas (I know, but they were tasty) after clogging. 330 Calories. Come to think of it, I haven't had anything really substantial to eat since Monday night! I had cheese for breakfast yesterday and a GF PB&J for lunch. The day before, I had a GF grilled turkey bacon and cheese for dinner, and miniscule amount of guacamole, cheese and six stale chips for lunch.

Maybe that's the problem. BGF (Before Gluten Freedom) if I got hungry and didn't have anything around, I'd zip through a drive through and grab something to eat. Now? Too risky.

So I dream of food I want to eat, would eat again, if I could....

For instance, Chinese food. Last night, Jeffrey and I went to Big Lots on the way to clogging. I found a couple of things I needed and a few I didn't. Typical Big Lots run. But as we strolled to the car (OK, I strolled, Jeffrey ran) I caught the scent of Lieu's Peking, the best Chinese place in town. I wanted to be like one of that cartoon dog whose nose lifted him to the aroma, and he floated to the source of the tasty smell. mmmmm.mmmm.mmm.....ahhhhh.....

(his name is Snuffles, and he used to be on Quick Draw McGraw....)

Never you mind that I have been womancotting Lieu's for close to two years (they stood up a reservation for one of my classes one day, and I've never gone back. They made me look bad in front of 16 students, and I am unforgiving.) If I could have eaten there, I would have. IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner, pulled up a chair to the stove and eaten stuff straight from the wok. I would have Mongolian Beef, pot stickers, and maybe a side of teriyaki beef....and some Shrimp with Lobster Sauce for good measure. And some Egg Foo Yung. To go.

But in my GF world, Chinese isn't an option. Neither is Italian, most of the time. Fast food? Nope. Convenience food? Hardly. And since I was gone last weekend, the prepared meals in my fridge have dwindled. Mostly all I have is fruit and cheese, and I'm not in the MOOD for fruit and cheese. All I have in my office fridge is, you guessed it, cheese! And nuts in the drawer (and some would say, room 208 Terrell Hall). WHY did I eat all those yummy dark chocolate GF pretzels Jodie brought me? (shoutout to Jodie...You rock!)

Some days are more challenging than others. This, obviously, is one of those days.

Much love, and would you like some whine with that cheese?

Hungry hungry Ging


The Bouceks said...

First off, look at you, adding graphics to your blog. You go! Second, I can sort of relate. I am trying to get the rest of this baby weight off so I can start trying for #2, and that means no more McDonald's for now. Every time I drive by one when I'm starving sucks! Once I even got in the drive thru window before I talked myself down. I just know that in Heavan, we will be able to eat whatever we want!

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

I sure hope so. I'll be having fries with that....

Danny, Jennifer, and Baby Watson said...

If Heaven has all our favorite foods, then, Julie, your mansion will have its own McD's!!

I still have to be careful with my stomach issues, too, so I can understand your dilemma. I have been a good wife and cooked dinner all I want a burger. But, alas, there are leftovers in the fridge--so disappointing.

The Petersons said...

I miss Leu's!! That was my favorite place to go in Mville!!!!! Jason and I always talk about it...there is no good Chinese food in Rome--suprisingly, only good Italian--wonder why that is?

Where do you find all of those graphics???

My heaven includes lots of p-nut M&M's, milkshakes, brownies, robins eggs and pizza.

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

It's easy to upload a graphic. I have a mac, so all I do is pull the picture of the web to the desktop, convert it to a jpeg if it isn't one, and upload it. Pretty simple.

And you'll ALL be happy to know I had some sushi for lunch, and I feel much I'm headed to Wally World with my Jeffey.

The Petersons said...

ah, macs. where did I go wrong?...I only have a useless PC.

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

Still easy on a PC. Left click on the image with the mouse, then save image to desktop.

I'm bi platformal, don't forget ;-)

Jodie Lauren said...

well i'm so glad you loved the pretzels and would gladly refill your fridge with them if i lived close to good ole Asheville, N.C. =) hope you got your food fix this weekend!