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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Great moments in Jocalat Film History

Gary Cooper, starring in High Jocalat
(notice the noonday sun in the upper right corner?)

Jocalat: Its whole life was a million to one shot.
Sylvester Stallone and Talia Shire in "JOCALAT"
(better than a raw egg in a glass a million times over!)

Jocalatopolis, ein film von Fritz Lang -- Ja Wohl! Ist sehr Gut!

Kiss of Jocalat, muah!

I've been writing about Larabars and these incredible Jocalat bars since I first posted -- check the side bar. They taste like fudge to me, and as a type II diabetic who is also gluten intolerant, they're amazing.

Well now they come in new flavors -- ORANGE and MINT.

I'd take a picture of them, but I already ate them up!

Trust me, they deserve an

Much love and now I'm going to eat this bar!


The Petersons said...

sometimes I think you have too much time on your hands...but it still makes me laugh!

I am so happy you've figured out what was making you sick all those years and that you are finally healthy and happy!

celticjig said...

I just bought 5 Jocolats yesterday for my travels to SC! I love Lara Bars, so how could I not love these!

I have always been scared of brunswick stew (since it appeared to be thrown in a blender when ever I saw it, a sure sign that it came out of a can), but might have to give this one a try. Maybe I will make it for my mom, who is herself a southern belle from Atlanta, who came to the great white North, Michigan for college and never left.