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Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeting

sorry, but Monday has sucked.

Today was National Grouch Day, and I was crowned its queen.

I have about six complaints I'd like to lodge to the universe today, but I can't blog them here. All involve my getting insulted by something someone else did or said to me today. Students and faculty. Friends and family. All equal opportunity offenders.

My emotions are on edge. There is no question. Two weeks from now, I will know something.

There were two deaths over the weekend that upset me -- my friend Doris's dear mother, who was in her 90s, died after a long, useful life, but a short illness. It hurts to lose your Mama no matter how old you are.

And my friend and colleague, Chesley, found her husband dead Saturday morning. He died of natural causes in his sleep. He was 61 and they'd been married fewer than 10 years. So in love. This is devastating to me.

And me, I'm a ball of nerves. Tom Petty may have warbled that "the waiting is the hardest part," and he is wrong, of course. But waiting still sucks.

You need a laugh now, don't you?

Six nuns in town stopped at the local pub for a cold beverage. Smile for the camera, ladies.

Much love, and grrrrr. I'll have a new recipe from last week tomorrow.


Danny, Jennifer, and Baby Watson said...

I felt EXACTLY the same way about my Monday, and I just pray that today is better. If not, I'm going to bed for the remainder of the week.

The Petersons said...

My Monday wasn't much better, but my hubby did send me flowers for taking care of his migraine plagued self all weekend...Of course, now Addie and I are both sick with colds. Just our luck...

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

That pic is THE BEST!


celticjig said...

I love that pic! Here's the corn dog site:
I guess GF Mall doesn't have them anymore. I am going to ask my store to order them.

celticjig said...

Here's a link for stores - they seem to be in mainstream stores - plenty in GA! Their website doesn't work that great.
Ginger of the North

Carrie said...

i bet we'd be crowned together as grouches... ;-) I've been grouchy all day today with a bad headache! That is an awesome picture!! Thanks for sharing! I'm looking forward to your recipe!