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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Happy Birthday, Julie Caroline Harrell Boucek

I am looking around my office here at GCSU for a picture of Julie Boucek with me. On my file cabinet is one of the Julie taken when we went to New York. We had the wildest weekend ever there. Then there's one from the Senior Luncheon in 2001, when Jenn, Joy, and JP graduated. It's a pic of me and my three J editors. I have one on my desk at home of Julie, Randy, Jeffrey and Me from her wedding.

Today is Julie's birthday. Princess, take a bow.

I will never forget the day Julie came to Georgia College. She sat down in my office for registration (I can't even remember who else was in there with her) and said, "OK, let's fill up my schedule. Princess has to graduate." From that day on she was "Princess." I call other students princess, but there is only one "PRINCESS." I even gave her a pillow that said that...

I remember when I approached about running for editor. She didn't know. She didn't think she could do it. She did it. She changed that paper forever. From redesiging it, to bringing news back to it, I credit her as the person who got The Colonnade on a road that it remains on today. She won our first major GCPA awards in years.

Julie is actually the one who nicknamed me Carter. She would never call me Ginger, but she made it clear that only special students could call me Carter. Now, of course, even though I'm a Miller, legions of students call me Carter.

I remember her coming to my aid when the psycho Colonnade editor tried to run it in the ground. When the psycho Colonnade editor published a bootleg edition.

When she was editor, when the Nuwabians started calling the office 24-7 to threaten us because of Nick's editorial.

Uncle Buck and the Clock Tower. That Uncle Buck is about to be a Daddy in Tampa and is also still a good friend....priceless.

"Whose Dean of Students are you? You are certainly not MY dean of students."

When she got mad at me (and that happened a lot) she called me "Ginger Rude as hell Carter"

I remember the Sunday morning she showed up on my doorstep at 7 a.m. threatening to drive to Tampa to kick Jack Wing's butt.

I remember trips to Louisiana and Kansas City and Athens. Hauling ASS down 1-75 to the State Capitol so she and Will Bennett could testify before a senate committee about an open meetings law (that passed). "Carter is a speed racer."

The Pen Man. Randy. etc. I better never make that girl too mad -- the things she knows about me I've never told a soul...of course, then, so do I.

And when she met Bill...and I got divorced and found the man of my dreams, Randy. And she got engaged (called me screaming, on my voicemail. When I got engaged and called screaming on HER voicemail. When I called her and knew she was pregnant before she'd told much of anybody. When Hendley arrived in this wonderful family.

Oh yeah, one more thing I remember. "Whooooa."

And last week, the call..."CARTER, this is Julie, I am trying to stay calm here, but you better drop everything you're doing and call me right now. I mean it. I am a nervous wreck."

The greatest honor Julie (and Bill) ever paid me was considering naming their baby boy Carter Harrell Boucek. Of course, they have a dog named Reagan and I had the last name of a southern Democratic president. Clearly wasn't going to work. The thought, though, moved me beyond words.

Julie, you are a light in all our lives. We love you so much. You are a true friend. Hendley is a blessed baby girl, and Bill has a wonderful wife. And Max and Carol, you know you did good. And Julie, I'll always love you for the love and support you've given "the baby." Jeffrey Carter - Colonnade Mascot. You took him to his first dance. HE has your picture on HIS dresser, too.

We have laughed and cried and laughed some more. I cherish you, my Julie.

Happy Birthday.

Much love, more than you'll ever know.



The Petersons said...

That was so sweet!

I am thinking that some of my posts about Julie might be censored on this blogspot thing...
: ) Especially since most of my memories of her revolve around The Colonnade in the early hours of the morning...

The Bouceks said...

I am, for once, speechless. I am printing out your blog now so I can use as my obituary some day -- hope it is a long way off. I am certainly undeserving, but grateful nonetheless. Thanks for the sweet words.

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

I left out the ones from 4 a.m. at the nade.

Remember when we listed Williams Gleaton in a staff box as "present and accounted for"?

Danny, Jennifer, and Baby Watson said...

I am freakin' crying over here, Carter. I don't even know about some of those things (they were a year before my time), but I know the Julie you are speaking of, and she sure is dear to all of us. I think we could all make a list of cherished Julie memories and we'd probably laugh until we cried. I'm grateful she's in our lives. We are better for knowing her, for sure.

And, Julie, that obituary better be a long way off because I'm not finished gathering memories yet. One day, we'll all live close enough to share a bottle of wine once a week and talk about our grown children's lives. I hope we all die old and with great plastic surgeons, don't you? :)

We love you!

Thanks for an excellent tribute, Carter.