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Friday, October 26, 2007

A day at Atlanta Motor Speedway

I am exhausted, and the last thing I needed to do this Friday before my surgery, was spend seven hours walking around Atlanta Motor Speedway's "Fan Fest."

But Jeffrey and I have a tradition: If I'm in town, and it's not raining, we head to AMS for the qualifying/happy hour day of the race. We've actually done this four times -- once with Susan -- and we always have such a good time. We play the games at the exhibits, we walk and look at collectibles, and we make fun of the Knuckle Dragging NASCAR Hell Fans.

See there are fans like us -- Jeffrey in his vintage Valvoline Pit Crew shirt (which 10 people asked where we got it) and Goodyear jacket and Jimmie Johnson hat (for me, because I don't wear NASCAR gear because I don't OWN any NASCAR gear). Nice people in regular clothes, a tshirt or hat (or both), a jacket here and there.

Then there is Knuckle Dragging NASCAR hell fans.

You know, like the couple dressed in matching Dale Jr. wear (from head to toe), smoking Marlboros, drinking Miller Lite in a Chevy koozie while hauling a wagon with a no. 8 flag flying off the back AND a bumper sticker that says "Jeff Gordon is Gay." Or the woman with boobies to her navel wearing a (braless) Tony Stewart Tank Top and cut off denim short shorts, chain smoking, popping gum and drinking a beer in a can while her daughter talked about how much she wished she could have sex with Kasey Kahne. LOUDLY talking. While chain smoking. And drinking.

But I am so tired. My poor back, which is already dreadfully tender, got worse as the day went on. I went to the Richard Petty House to get some Goody's, only to find it has aspirin in it, and I can't have any of that now that surgery is only 72 hours away. So I stumbled on, but we had a great Mom and Son time. It's amazing what amuses my son.

Here are some cute pictures from the day:

Jeffrey driving a simulator at the Pep Boys booth

My son WITH The Pep Boys. I was tempted. SOOOO tempted.

Jeffrey driving a giant CROCS shoe simulator. I was impressed. I bought Crocs at AMS.

Some of the fun/cool/things that happened:

1. I met a guy who works for a sports advertising/marketing firm in Atlanta who wants to talk to some of my students for internships. AND he works for Fathead. I won Jeffrey a Fathead Elliot Sadler poster for his house. Fair and square.

2. They had a great Crocs booth and display -- not only did I find a pair of size 8 Mary Jane Black Crocs (which I've wanted) BUT i got a whole of cool free Croc stuff because I'm a suck-up. Shoot, if I hadn't already paid for my operation, I could have had some cute as heck fleece lined Crocs. Maybe Santa... (AND Julie/Joy/Jenn/Rachel -- BABY CROCS galore in every size. CUTE!)

3. I managed to have a completely GF and nonCC meal! The Johnsonville Brats people had plain grilled brats, no where NEAR buns, so I had two (they gave me a deal). I also had at least a whole NASCAR burger patty that they were serving in a cup, no condiments, and no bread! Imagine.

4, Of course, we spent $16 on sodas (I forgot the cooler rule at AMS, i.e., only idiots don't bring coolers). At least we bought them from a church group inside the grandstand.

5. I met, for a brief second, that metrosexual NASCAR driver, Michael Waltrip. He was very frou-frou with his hair and all, but he smiled and gave me a high five. Couldn't get the phone out fast enough.

6. I got lots of good junk that will stuff Randy and Jeffrey's stockings this year. Cool stuff. Can't say what cuz Randy reads this blog :-)

7. Got stopped by the State Patrol and sweet talked my way into a warning. Carter is a speed racer. Thank GOODNESS Jeffrey started telling the trooper we were going to Hampton. THAT was one of Jeffrey's favorite parts. He loves it when we get stopped, even if almost never happens (thank GOD!)

8. Got at least 10 free bottles of bleach and 10 free packs of trash can liners from Dollar General. AND a T-shirt.

What can I say. I was tired and sore, and I'm hurting right now (hello Xanax?) But it was worth it to see my baby smile in the stands as the cars roared by. There's nothing like our special trip to AMS every year, and we are already planning for March.

Much love, and vrooom vroom.


Danny, Jennifer, and Baby Watson said...

This sounds like so much fun!! I love this tradition! I know it means the world to Jeffrey...he looks so happy in all the pictures. And, you scored some fabulous deals, my lady...I am impressed!

I say screw the backache (although it's hard to ignore, I know) and cheers to a day at the speedway!

j.obrien said...

Mary Jane Crocs are very cool, I have been eyeing up a pair my self!!

All the girls here send big hugs and get-well love. And, of course, you are in my thoughts constantly.

xoxo Jen

The Bouceks said...

Carter is a speed racer - who knew? :-)

What a fun day. And the Baby sure did look handsome in his pictures. I know you are tired, but at least you two got to do something cool together.

Relax this weekend. You need to be rested.

Raven said...

Jeffy with Manny, Moe and Jack! How cool is that? I have many great memories of our trip to Hampton. The best was scrawling "No war for oil!" on the repuglicans giant poster for people to write messages "thanking" resident B for the war or whatever the hell it was. Ah, good times. :-)

The Petersons said...

Looks like you had a fantastic time! We always forget about race weekend until we are stuck on 75S around the Eagles Landing exit. Did I ever tell you how much I HATE Atlanta traffic?

I love crocs (ironically, I don't own a pair, but hopefully Santa....)and I can't wait to get Addie a pair!

So glad you and Jeffery had a great time!