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Monday, October 8, 2007

Midterm stress release!

It is midterm, and boy howdy, can I tell all around.

This was just what I needed today! Thanks to the brilliant, lovely Whitney Fee for sending it to me!
(sorry, I can't make it hot link. Worth the cut and paste.)

Much love, and ROTFLMAO!


The Bouceks said...

Seeing that you typed 'boy howdy' tickled me first. Then, the pig sent me over the edge. I NEEDED that too.

Gluten Free Steve said...

Midterms...I don't miss that from my college days. It's bad enough I have to deal with a boss that stresses out daily over the tiniest little things that then put me over the edge. Hang in there - and just remember, it's only two more days until Pushing Daisies is on again!

Cheekalina said...


I HATE paper!!!

Unless it's pretty and wrapped around something fabulous (like a Snickers bar would do) or has great love-notes (or just a HELLO, How are ya?) written upon it.

But the kind of maelstorm of paper we deal with! HECK NO!!!

Cheekalina said...

Holy Screamin' Pigs

NICE link! LOL

The Petersons said...

that woke me up this morning...

Hope you are feeling a little more chipper today!

JP is feeling the midterm stress as well....