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Friday, October 5, 2007

Finally, Friday

or in my case, FRIED-Day, which describes my mental state right now.

I don't know where to start, but maybe a nap would be a good place.

Let me start with the good news: I have met the keymaster, the gatekeeper, of the GF food stash at my local Kroger. Her name is Jessica. I love her.

Today, for a second time, we discussed some possible things she could order in the GF/organic section. Really, considering the size of Hooterville, it's decent. They have lots of Amy's GF, but they didn't have the rice-crust pizza. They had lots of Bob's product, but not the new oats. And they have three or four Larabar brands, but not Jocalat -- which is a mind-blower.

So we chatted, and I went away to hide marked down food so I could get it later today (seriously), then went to check out. She caught me at the register and had ALREADY ordered three kinds of Jocalat, the Amy's Rice Crust Pizza, and the Bob's oats. She is looking into the GFP Brownie Mix (which will keep me forever out of WalMart except for Monster Truck runs for Jeffrey). And I can order Pamela's bread mix online.

But I was so pleased.

This weekend, because of a pot luck at work Wednesday, I'm going to be prepping some food and baking. I'm going to make a muffin in honor of my friend Kate. I'm going to make Carrie's pizza dough. And I'm going to make my own breakfast sausage casserole. OH, and Banana Nut Bread.

until then....I think that nap is winning.

Much love, sleepy Ging

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Cheekalina said...

OH... FRIED day... definitely!

And muffins for the potluck sound like a dream date to me, girl!


And... umm... I just have to say this: I'm in love with reading the town names in your blog posts. Midgeville? Hooterville? All in Georgia? You have NO idea what kinds of short stories and giggles these images and love-note worthy town names do to me!!

Happy weekend! I'm off to bed and a LONG LONG LONG sleep. I need my brain back. Seriously. No more of this 20 hour crap. LOL