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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our Get One Give One Promotion!

This note came to me from one of my favorite gluten-free vendors, Kettle Cuisine.  The lovely people there have been extra supportive to me in my two years of illness, and more than once I have found a love package on my doorstep with delicious soup to warm my belly, heart and soul.

So this note from Lucinda Spurr moves me to action today.  I hope you'll participate.


Dear friends of Kettle Cuisine:

We’ve just launched another exciting Facebook promotion!

Here’s what we are doing:

As you know, here at Kettle Cuisine we are passionate about feeding people and ending hunger.  This is why, during the month of March (which is National Nutrition Month and National Frozen Food Month), every fan who LIKES our facebook page will GET a valuable coupon and we will GIVE a serving of soup to a person in need.  Neat huh?

Thank you again for all of your support!

Crafting uncompromised soup since 1986

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