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Friday, March 23, 2012

New Cookbook: EAT RAW, EAT WELL: 400 Raw, #Vegan & #Gluten-Free Recipes

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EAT RAW, EAT WELL400 Raw, Vegan & Gluten-Free Recipes
Douglas McNish
Creative raw-cuisine recipes for delicious, nutrient-rich dishes.

If you’re like most people, when you hear the words “raw food,” you conjure up images of thinly sliced carrot and celery sticks. Years ago, Chef Douglas McNish thought the same thing. But, then he came to understand that there was an entire world of raw food that he knew nothing about.
It tasted great, was beautifully presented, and exploded with flavors and textures he had never experienced before. The raw food dishes he was seeing and learning about were so fresh and vibrant…so incredibly full of life!
Doug believes that when you eat raw, unprocessed foods that have all their enzymes intact, your body can use the energy it saves for other things. He considers himself to be a walking testimony to the fact that eating raw can have a profound effect on your life, both physically and mentally.  
Raw-food diets (where food is eaten raw or, if heated, the temperature can’t exceed 118 degrees Fahrenheit) are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons: Some seek the benefits of weight loss and increased energy, as well as a reduced risk of certain diseases; others have an aversion to animal-based foods or simply wish to consume more whole, nutrient-rich ingredients.
This wonderful collection of recipes will appeal to both newcomers to and veterans of the raw-food lifestyle — the recipes are imaginative, they feature easy-to-follow instructions, and the results are incredibly delicious. From hearty breakfasts that will get your day off to an energized start to satisfying soups and sumptuous main courses and sides to lush, decadent desserts that will indulge the most discriminating sweet tooth, these recipes reflect Doug’s talent and commitment to raw cuisine.
In addition, there’s a wealth of information on how to properly prepare the ingredients in advance of meal preparation to enhance their nutritional value, as well as a comprehensive list of “raw pantry” essentials. If you’ve decided that the raw-food lifestyle is for you — either full-time or part-time — look no further than Eat Raw, Eat Well.

 Talking Points for Eat Raw, Eat Well:
-       Did you know that on a raw food diet you can still make all of your favourite recipes like Alfredo sauce, pizza and nachos?
-       What are the top 12 most contaminated foods? What are the top 12 least contaminated?
-       We hear all this talk about processed meats and tainted foods, how important is it to eat raw foods?
-       How can food be considered medicine? How can we heal ourselves through a nutritious balanced diet?
-       What are some of the beneficial effects of eating a raw food diet?
-       To successfully incorporate a raw food diet into your life, simply dedicate a few hours each week to shopping and preparing some foods ahead of time
-       What do I eat on a raw food diet and/or what is raw food anyway?
-       Did you know that you don’t actually need special equipment or fancy raw food tools to eat this diet?
-       What tools do you need to equip a raw food kitchen?
-       Did you know that a good chef’s knife and a pairing knife are two of the most important tools one can have in a raw food kitchen?
-       How do I get all of the vitamins and minerals I need on a raw food diet?
-       Did you know that healthy smoothies can be one of the best breakfast ideas?
-       Did you know that when eating leafy greens such as kale that contain large amounts of iron it is best to include some vitamin C with them for maximum absorption?
-       Did you know that many raw food meals take very little time to prepare, often only 30 to 45 minutes?
-       Did you know that raw food is more than just celery and carrot sticks? It tastes great and explodes with flavors and textures, is fresh and vibrant, and essentially, full of life!
-       I didn’t know there were poor vegan choices – what are they?
-       What is the difference between living food and raw food?
-       How important is it to eat organic produce?
-       Can you suggest some tips for transitioning to a raw food diet?

DOUGLAS McNISH has been cooking since he was a teenager and is a Certified Red Seal Professional Vegan Chef, cooking teacher and raw-food consultant who is passionate about sharing his knowledge about the raw-food lifestyle. Since embracing raw food, Doug has lost a significant amount of weight and consistently enjoys an improved sense of physical, mental and emotional well-being.
Doug is a two-time vegan iron chef winner, has been featured on national and local television, contributes to several magazine publications, and continues to grow and expand his mind and career daily. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

464 pages • 7" x 10" • Index • 32 pages of color photographs • ISBN 978-0-7788-0295-2
$27.95 CA / $24.95 US / £16.95 UK • APRIL 2012

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