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Friday, September 12, 2008

Thinking of my friends in Texas

There's a disruption in the force tonight, and its name is Ike. It has had me glued to the television today, while I've tried to work on research and plan for next week at school.

I have lots of friends and family in Texas, both real and virtual )readers of this blog as well as Delphi Forum friends). Bob and Paula and their family are in the storm's path in Houston -- in fact, Paula, with her work, is in a chemical plant in Texas City (right there!) The storm is as big AS Texas, which means friends in San Antonio, Tyler, Burleson, and Huntsville are gonna get a lot of rain and win. And so will my much loved family -- Randy's folks -- in Dallas.

Now's the time for all of us to send up some positive thoughts and affirming prayers on their behalf. And be prepared to help if the need arises.

I'm afraid it ain't gonna be pretty. I've heard "worse than Katrina" a few too many times today to be comfortable.

Much love, and be safe out there friends.



Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

Our local weatherman swears we will get nothing but 30ish mph winds and maybe an inch of rain. I don't know how true that will ultimately be, but just know that we seem to be on the safe side here in SA. Now, the folks southwest of us are going to be needing some help early next week, I believe...God help them.

Cassandra said...

It looks like we're just going to get some rain, and maybe some winds (but nothing too scary). Then again, I've been mostly buried in books lately - that whole bed rest thing. :)