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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Informed consent (and a Sunday blessing or two)

First, thank you God that Hendley is OK.

And who among us isn't sad about the death of the wonderful Paul Newman? Speaking as a film fan, he was brilliant no matter the role. Speaking as the parent of a diasbled adult, Newman's Own Products (which are nothing short of spectacular AND mostly gluten free!) contributed thousands of dollars to specials needs charities, which is brilliant. Speaking as a happily married woman, I envy the 50-year romance he had with Joanne Woodward. He once said of her, "When you have steak at home, why go out for hamburger?" Whatta man. And speaking as a citizen of planet earth, we've lost a great humanitarian.

And now, informed consent:

I got my granny panties in a wad last week when I saw this article on the Delphi Forums Celiac listserv. Everyone spent a lot of time debating whether Splenda or sugar was better for consumption, but NO ONE seemed to note the glaring item for concern. The study, conducted by Duke University, was funded by the lobbying arm of the Sugar Association.

I was concerned more by the sponsorship than I was by the results. So Splenda causes obesity, kills "good" intestinal bacteria, and keeps the body from absorbing medications? I'd like more proof, please, funded by a non-partisan group. I just can't imagine that they didn't "cook the books" in favor of sugar, as opposed to Splenda.

I really don't know what to think. As a person living with diabetes and celiac disease, I DO need to have my medications absorbed and my "good intestinal bacteria" intact. I'd like not to be obese any more, too. But nothing you tell me will convince me that sugar, FOR ME, in any significant amount, will improve my health over my consumption of Splenda. I have not intentionally chosen a sugar-filled drink (over one with Splenda, saccharine or aspartame) in a long time. If I do have a food with sugar in it, I make sure it is pure sugar (or honey, or molasses) as opposed to corn syrup, and I have it in a small, small portion. I watch my sugar intake because it causes great damage to my eyes, stomach, and nerve endings when it drives up my blood glucose.

Let's face it -- most of the time, a person with such complex health concerns as I have NEEDS Splenda and NEEDS to be as sugar free as possible. Sorry, sugar association, you're going to have to come at me with a fair, realistic study before I give up my Splenda use. Oh, and run it by my docs for their approval, while you're at it. Your product is a bigger threat to me than Splenda is or ever will be.

And readers, remember, caveat emptor -- let the buyer beware. Or in this case, let the survey reader beware. Read the fine print and take caution when you see these surveys. It might not be all that it is cracked up to be.

Much love, and hand me that Diet Rite Tangerine soda, sweetened with Splenda, will you?


Katya said...
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Carly said...

Thanks for keeping sweet Hendley in your prayers. And amen on the Splenda. I consume about 8 packets a day and am NOT in favor of giving up my yellow packs of love:)