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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A little kitchen fun!

I've had a tough day, so I'd like to hear from my friends for a while.

Here's a little funny meme (MeMe!) for all of you cooks out there, GF or not!

In the comment section, tell me

1. Three things you ALWAYS have in your refrigerator.

2. Your favorite seasoning. PICK ONE!


3. Your favorite Food Network cook/chef.

1. A bottle of liquor of some kind, Duke's mayo, and sliced jalepeno peppers. (This applies to both the Georgia Fridge and the Florida Fridge...)
2. Fine ground grey salt, purchased from Penzeys Spices.
3. Alton Brown.

Much love. I'm tired.


Cassandra said...

1. Cheese, gf flours, maraschino cherries.
2. Rosemary and garlic blend.
3. Alton Brown.

Joy said...

1. pineapple orange juice, string cheese, minced garlic

2. this amazing mix of herbs I found at Aldi's

3. Don't get the food channel...

Joy said...

1. pineapple orange juice, cheese of some sort, minced garlic

2. this amazing mix of herbs that I found at Aldi's

3. I don't watch the food channel...

Kate said...

1. butter, yeast, and half and half. (I could almost be a southern girl with that list, huh?)

2. Just one? AW! That's hard...I'm cheating:
favorite spices: garlic, ginger, cracker peper
others: sake

3. Anthony Bourdain (hey, he used to be on Food Network with "A Cook's Tour") and Alton Brown - definitely! Followed on the heels by Morimoto, Mario Batali and Jamie Oliver.

Good thing it's spring break! LOL


Jen said...

1. Cheese, cheese, and a little more cheese
2. Coarse black pepper
3. I don't have a favorite, but I am NOT a fan of Rachel Ray

The Petersons said...

1. milk, bread and Coke.
2. lemon pepper marinade
3. on Food Network, I'd have to go with Giada...but Gordon Ramsay (not on Food Network) is quickly becoming my favorite...bloody right.

Karen Russell said...

1. Cheese, tortillas, and salsa (yes, that's a quesadilla when all else fails)
2. Basil
3. Rachel Ray (Kinsey calls her "Rach")

Joyous said...

1. JalapeƱo slices (Just like you!), Apples, Mustard (I put it on EVERYTHING!)

2. Creole seasoning (forget the name) that I use to blacken chicken and fish.

3. Haven't watched much Food Network Channel...but I will start doing so :) I did used to love watching that guy from Louisiana though cook on PBS...he was awesome!

Carrie said...

1. Duke's Mayo (absolutely Ging!), sweet tea, eggs

2. SPIKE garlic granules

3. no cable at our house, but I love The Splendid Table on Public Radio! Also a Mark Bittman fan!

Thomas Dzomba said...

Hi Ginger!

1. Orange Juice (for the kids), Coke (for the wife), Chardonnay (for me!)

2. I'm cheating like Kate - garlic, onion, basil, oregano

3. Rachel Ray (for my son), and Giada (for me), although since we don't do cable anymore, I would have to add Lydia, from Lydia's Italian Kitchen on PBS.

The Bouceks said...

1. pickles, Heinz ketchup, milk

2. plain ol' salt

3. I don't watch tv enough to even know of anyone to put here.

a kelly said...

plain organic yogurt, peppers, tomato juice

Herbamare original spice blend

and yes, Alton is our fav

Gluti Girl said...

1. Frank's Hot sauce, cheese, olives
2. garlic
3. Tyler Florence

Gluten Free Steve said...

1) Cheese, mustard, old vegetables
2) Shallot Salt
3) Ina Garten - definitely.

Great questions!

a kelly said...

I mentioned you and Jeffrey on my blog...come for a blog visit...

Crockpot Lady said...

1) yogurt, string cheese, soy milk, oj, butter and margarita mix

2) italian seasoning and cinnamon

3) the food network is never at our house. I go back and forth between who I like the most. Right now I'm on a Rachael and Paula trend.

Ellen said...

1. Three things I ALWAYS have in my refrigerator: dijon mustard, soymilk, brown rice flour.

2. My favorite seasoning: Penzey's Vietnamese Cinnamon.

3. My favorite Food Network cook/chef: Tyler Florence!