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Sunday, April 27, 2008

10 things that improved my life this week (A Sunday Blessing)

I looked at my blog yesterday and realized I've been a WHOLE WEEK without a post. I'm sorry about that. I was on the road for a couple days (to Atlanta, to see my Dad), and it was the last week of classes.

But it was a GOOD week because I made some discoveries about gluten-free products and concepts that will help you, actually, whether you're gluten free or not.

1. Chick-fil-A Carrot/raisin salad. I know, I know, who goes to the Chick for that? Well, I do, and for their cole slaw too.
Both a freshly made in each store, both are gluten free (according to their GF menu), and they're both as good as what most folks can make at home. The carrot raisin is my fave -- with pineapple, a little sweetner (no HFCS) and lots and lots of carrots.
Good for your eyes! and your tummy.

2. San-J wheat-free tamari sauce. Thanks to Kate, I now have a new bottle and it is heads and shoulders above La Choy Soy Sauce. Deliciously flavored.

3. Enviro-kids Crispy Rice Bars. I was in Whole Foods, and I saw these on the shelves. I've read a lot about the, but I hadn't tried them. BUT if you're missing Rice Krispie Treats, these are your fix. I'm telling you, Snap, Krackle and Pop are green with envy (as these bars are organic, and not sweetened with corn syrup). YUM. I have been good -- I've only eaten one.

4. A Whole Foods pie GF pie crust. I love quiche, and I'm not a baker as you know. But I made one kick-butt quiche when I found a pie crust in the Whole Foods GF Bake Shop. They cost about $4.50 for two of them, but to me, as infrequently as I use them, they're worth having for me. I suggest you buy them now, stock up, in mid spring. They're awfully scarce between October and January. And no sorghum flour in it -- I can't do that flour.

5. Whole Foods GF Bake Shop Cherry Pie: They're little but they're mighty tasty. I actually bought one of them on Spring Break, and let me tell you, they are delish. One small pie will feed four people or feed you, four times. Heat it in the oven, covered with foil, for about half an hour the first time. No HFCS or Corn Syrup in it, either. A good thing.

6. Potato starch on the markdown rack. It's the end of Passover, and my local store has marked down the (few) Kosher for Passover items it has. I bought some potato starch MUCH cheaper than I can get it anywhere else. And you know it's not cross contaminated because, it's Kosher for Passover. A great deal -- a steal, even.

7. The Sweet Truth on Veria. I think the host of this show, Kelly Keough, is a little over the top, but she bakes naturally sweetened, gluten free food, and she's got some good ideas. Everything she does is GF. She's not Ina Garten, but folks, it's a dang start.

8. Kuzu. I heard about this on The Sweet Truth, and I haven't bought any yet, but I'm planning to buy some of this natural thickener. I plan to use it instead of Corn Starch as a thickener/binder. I'll report back.

9. Lifeway's ProBugs Organic Whole Milk Kefir, a probiotic. OK, I need probiotics every day to help me digest my food. This stuff comes in individual packages (they're for kids, really) and taste good. Organic ingredients, no HFCS (which I've seen in yogurt!) AND if you watch the organic section of your store, you might find it nicely marked down as I did. I can take them in my lunch and have one for breakfast.


10. Food for Life fruit sweetened Gluten and Wheat Free Raisin and Pecan Bread. I had contemplated this purchase before, but it makes great raisin toast. I even made a grilled cheese with it (I love grilled cheese on raisin bread). This is really one of the best packages breads I have enjoyed. I can't eat more than two slices at a time, though. High carb. But gooooooood,

I also found a bag or organic cashews at Big Lots. They're cheap -- $2.50 -- and toasted only with sea salt. No added oil. I would tell you the name, but I finished the bag and tossed it away.

Much love, and I have a couple of posts coming in a couple days...see you then.


Anonymous said...

Good morning. You certainly found some interesting foods that I haven't stumbed upon yet! I do love the Peanut Butter Enviro-kids bars. Not an exact match but they are 2 weight watcher point snacks and a real take on-the-go food. You will love the SanJ tamari- you're right...heads and tails over the others. I'll have to try some of the other finds. Be well. Happy travels to you and your husband.

The Bouceks said...

I laughed when you said you had been good and only eaten one of the Rice Crispy thingys. I laughed because I just threw away THREE wrappers from the ones I inhaled in about three seconds!

Gluti Girl said...

Hey, I go for the carrot raisin salad! Love it. And it's the only place I really trust the fries. Love them too!