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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Waiter, there's BREAD in my CROCKPOT (A blessing, plain and simple)

I was going to wait and post this tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait.

Earlier this week, Steph, the crockpot lady ( posted about making GF bread in her Crockpot. She used a pan, baked it in her oval crockpot in the pan for about 3 1/2 hours, and it looked delicious. Steph is the genius behind this recipe, friends. I bow deeply and reverently to her genius. (Note: I have an oval Crockpot in Tampa. It was a great wedding gift from Eva. I use it all the time in Tampa. But I'm not in Tampa right now...)

When I got home yesterday, I got to thinking: Could this work in the Crock part of an old-skool round Crock Pot?

I followed the directions exactly: I used Whole Foods 365 sandwich bread mix, and I mixed it with my hand mixer (you know, the tiny beaters) in a large bowl. It took under 5 minutes to prepare. NOTE to readers: This is virtually the same mix as the Gluten Free Pantry Sandwich Bread mix. Some people say it's the same, just packaged for a different company.

I greased the Crock, slid the dough into it, propped the lid open with a wooden spoon to vent it, and turned the knob to simmer hi. Here's how it looked about halfway through.

It doubled beautifully in size, and in three hours, the tester came out clean.

Friends, it was perfect. PERFECT. Delicious, moist, not gummy at all.

I never dreamed I could make GF bread I liked, but thanks to Steph, I did. I can. And I will. Roast beef, cheddar and mayo on soft, warm bread. YUM!

Thanks, Steph, and MUCH LOVE to you! This is the first sandwich I've had in almost a year -- at least, the first one that tasted like a sandwich. I can't wait to make this bread during tomato season.



The Bouceks said...

Looks yummy!

Cassandra said...

I lucked out and got an oval crockpot awhile back. Mom wanted to get one fro my little brother, but since he's a student, he doesn't have a lot of room. So she got me the oval one, and I gave him my round one. I have yet to try this method, but I'm starting to think I should.

Crockpot Lady said...

Ginger, I am so happy that it worked out for you! yay!

I have two more boxes waiting to be used in the garage, I'm excited to try it without the loaf pan.


oh! and monkey bread! we used to make monkey bread all the time, and the kids miss it a lot.

a kelly said...

I read the Crockpot Lady too!
I don't get to Whole foods cuz it's in Michigan and I have to cross the border (tolls) so I've been looking at other mixes or just using somebody's recipe.
This is truly amazing!!!
Glad it worked for you Ginger!

Carrie said...

I am definitely going to try this Ginger!! Very cool girl!! What setting did you cook the bread on? Low? I really want to try this! Help!!

Alica said...

Oh wow! This could've never crossed my mind! Bread in a crockpot! Hands down I am going to try this recipe! I can't believe this. How inventive :) Thanks for posting this!