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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Relaxed, refreshed, recharged...

...and ready for the home stretch. I was tempted several times this week to post, but I held strong. I needed time to relax, and I did. I've watched enough "A Baby Story," "Bringing Home Baby," and "Jon and Kate plus 8" for ages. And no, there's no reason for that except that was what was on the television. Randy has basketball. I have stupid baby shows.

I had a great time with my sweetie this week. I always enjoy being able to cook and putter around the house in Tampa, even if it does take a little doing to get it in a shape where I can do that. Randy is the best husband in the world, but he's not a house cleaner...but I really have to de-gluten the kitchen when I get there anyway, so I cope. But we had a great week. It's not long now til we'll have most of our summer together. I live for that time!

I made a lot of GF discoveries and purchases this week. My pantry is stocked for some good GF food for the next couple of weeks.

•I got PIECRUSTS. At Whole Foods and at Abbeys, and tomorrow, I am going to bake a quiche. I can't wait. I also discovered the Whole Foods GF Bakeshop Cherry Pie. Lattice top. OMG! I also found some new Bakery on Main Granola, and I tried this Scandanavian style yogurt-like food called Skyr, which I saw Andrew Zimmern eat in Minnesota. I STILL prefer Greek yogurt.
•We spend an hour in the Oriental Market, and I stocked up on my starches (corn and tapioca) and my flours (rice and sweet rice). I spent as much for six bags of flour there that I spend on Bob's Red Mill. So now, all I have to buy from Bob is Brown Rice flour, but I have a good store of it now, so I'm set. I also stocked up the flour mix at the Tampa house.

•One of my favorite things is shredded bamboo shoots. I found them at the Oriental Market (I used to get them at the International Market in Atlanta but they stopped selling them). LOVE them in a stir fry. I made my Shrimp and Peas for Randy one night -- he enjoyed it very much. Instead of peas, I steamed a package of the Birdseye Oriental Vegetable Mix (and didn't add extra water chesnuts). Steam the bag for about six minutes and stir in before you add the sauce.

•I found a GREAT Chili sauce at the Oriental Market that included chili paste and sesame seeds and sesame oil. Mightly tasty. I need to get a jar for THIS house too -- I left it in Tampa. It's GF -- no soy sauce.

•I'd never tried the Progresso Mushroom Soup, and it is much tastier than the Health Valley brand AND it's a buck a can cheaper at least. I bought up four cans.

•I discovered a product I'd read about on the Delphi list -- Gravy Magic. I discovererd that a couple of drops of it into the Mushroom soup, plus my dollop of mayo, and it tastes JUST LIKE CAMBELLS. I'm serious. I made Jen's Green Bean Casserole for Randy and found out -- he likes Funyuns! So now we can have that more often. Here's the recipe!

1/2 can GF Mushroom Soup, with 1 T. GF Gravy Magic and 2 T. mayo, combined
2 bags french style green beans, cooked slightly (or regular, or canned) well drained
1 can drained mushrooms (optional)
A 99 cent convenience store bag of Funyuns

Crush Funyuns in bag. Mix beans, soup mix, and 1/2 Funyuns in a casserole dish. Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes til bubbly. Top with remaining Funyuns (well crushed) and bake for an additional 10 minutes.

In other news:

•I had some gift cards from Williams-Sonoma, so I cashed them in for a Calphalon Egg Poacher pan for $50. The pan itself is a 10-in skillet with a lid. The poacher will hold enough eggs for ME and maybe Randy :-) And now I have a third Calphalon pan for the Tampa house.

•I tried the GF menu finally at Carrabbas, and it was great. I also ate Sushi at Crazy Buffet. As always, we enjoyed a GF dinner at Lee Roy Selmons, my favorite restaurant. The only ALLERGEN problem I had was because a cat...

•I got to hold the absolutely handsome Andrew Aiden Humphrey this time and visit with his mom and dad, Miriam and Joe (whom we all call Uncle Buck because of a college thing in the 90s). What a cutie -- he's four months old and already weighs 20 pounds, and I got to kiss his sweet head! And I enjoyed talking to Miriam about how to introduce baby food into his life (they just got the OK from the pediatrician).


•We're going to Lisbon as I've told you before, but the great exciting news is, we got a two-day layover in Paris. Randy has never been to Paris, and I'm excited to take him there. If you've been and you're GF, let me know your thoughts, ok?

I tested a couple other recipes this week, so I'll be posting them as the week progresses.

Much love, and I MISSED YOU!

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The Bouceks said...

So glad you got some R&R. Loved hearing about your break.