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Monday, February 4, 2008

Tag - You're It

This thread has been running around the blogs for a while, and my friend Carrie of Ginger Lemon Girl Fame got me the other day. And she totally tagged my entire circle of GF blogger buds (can't wait to read those).

I'm supposed to tell you seven things about myself that are little known but true. And then I am supposed to tag seven more people who must then tell and tag. That is easy: I tag:
Joy Peterson of "A Floor Full of Food"
Julie Boucek of "Because I Said So"
Kyle Hitchcock of "Kyle Hitchcock Photography"
Rachel Mino (I don't know how to spell your last name!) of "The Mino Twins"
Jenn Watson of "The Watsons"
Alexsandra of "Touched by Words"
Joy Ashley of "Joy to the World."

Here goes:

1. I am an only child, and I never, ever wanted a brother or sister. AND I always knew I'd have an only child if I had children at all.

2. In 1961, I was the mascot for the Pepperall High School Marching Band. I was a little roly poly girl (I weighed 100 pounds when I was 5 years old, but lost 40 pounds by first grade). I was pretty cute. I actually was a competed in baton contests until I was in 8th grade -- but not very well. That's me in the picture on the end. I know...all together now, AAAAAAAwwwwwww.

3. I was on Wheel of Fortune in 1986 -- went to California for it and everything. Then I asked for a J in the speed round and didn't win much. I did win one puzzle "Nature of the beast" and won $1,000 in crap and the fabulous parting gifts. I still have some of the crap around somewhere...

4. I love to eat peanut butter out of a jar with a spoon. Don't ever eat peanut butter at either of my houses if that bothers you. I can also eat an enormous quantity of peanut butter in one sitting -- like, a small jar. It's a gift, I tell ya. I got it from my Mama.***

5. I always wanted to be a ballet dancer, but since I looked more like the little hippos in Fantasia, I never made it. When I was 10 or so, I would make fake toe shoes and pretend to be a luck there. The best I have done is become a clogger.

6. I was never in the 11th grade. I skipped it because I hated my high school so much. I was grossly unpopular in high school (but not in college. I was a "student leader" there). Some day, God will punish those jerks who made me hate high school so much. I also graduated from undergraduate school at 20 and finished my Master's degree by 22. I didn't get my Ph.D. til I was 39....late bloomer, I guess.

7. You would never believe how easy it is for me to get my feelings hurt. NEVER would believe it. But I do, almost every day in some way. But I don't cry -- I only cry when I am SO INCREDIBLY ANGRY I could hurt someone. THEN I cry a lot.

*** I will never stop missing my Mama. I think about her still, and miss her tremendously.

So that's it.

Any questions?

Much love,


Carrie said...

LOVE this Ging!! Thanks for playing along!!! ;-P We have a lot in common! I've always been a bit on the pleasantly pudgy side (our southern roots maybe... or all that sugar in my cornbread? LOL I wasn't a big fan of high school, and I have a tendency to get my feelings hurt as well... although I have to say for a strong woman who is a PhD and a tenured professor, you must have learned to cope with your feelings! You amaze me and I think your accomplishments are outstanding! You go girl!

Cassandra said...

Wow. Good random thoughts about you, lol.

The Bouceks said...

I am happy to report that I knew most of your random things...

It will take me forever to come up with that many. I'm pregnant and dumb these days.

Rachel said...

good grief-SEVEN things?!!!! this will take me all day!
Oh, and its Miniscalco! So easy, right?!

Anonymous said...
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Gluten Free Steve said...

Hated high school - I'm right up there with you. I believe what goes around comes around and yes, those people that made us miserable will pay. I had justice at my 20 year reunion two years ago when some of the hotties showed up old, wrinkled and bald!!!

More importantly - peanut butter: cruncy or creamy?

celticjig said...

I went clogging once and I go to lots of folk fests where people clog, but if you are drinking and it is late, it is hard to keep track of all those patterns!
I love that you are so open about who you are! Ginger of the North

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

OK Steve, to answer your question: creamy and crunchy. Depends on my mood.

The Petersons said...

Carter--how did I miss the Wheel of Fortune thing? I bet I saw you...I was an avid Wheel Watcher when I was a kid...that's exciting!!!

Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

Joy, you were probably in school -- I was on the old daytime version.

Danny, Jennifer, and Tyler Watson said...

Are you kidding me, Carter??? I don't even know seven things about myself these days!! I'll have to think on this for a, y'all all know me too well and won't be surprised at all. I might have to enlist Danny's help for the really good stuff.

Cheekalina said...

Ging -
THis post makes me wanna HUG YOU!
I LOVE it.

a kelly said...

Oh boy we have a few things in common!!
Those are some cool facts, very real, very honest...
It is so sweet the way you mention your Mama. I can tell you miss her lots.
And yes you ARE the cutuest little mascot ever!
I'm working on my list...