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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

More on the Martha decision

Here's is Martha's official response.

As the VP noted in my comments, and as I said, yes, allergies DID win the popular vote, but they're not going to be the specialty publication Martha will produce next -- pets will.

I'll be that cute little Beagle Juno who won Westminster will be on a cover near you soon.

Thank you for contacting Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
We appreciate your interest in the Martha Stewart Omnimedia family of publications.

As Martha stated on the program, though the "allergy-free" special issue was the popular winner, she felt that since many of our readers have pets, that this was a better fit for the organization at this time. This was supposed to a fun thing for fans.

We value your feedback. We have shared your message with the Martha Stewart Omnimedia editorial and advertising teams.
We have also forwarded your message to Martha Stewart.
Thank you once again for taking a moment to share your thoughts.
MSLO Customer Relationsjavascript:void(0)


Much love,


The Bouceks said...

You go, Carter! Maybe Martha will call you!

the veggie paparazzo said...

Ah, I only watched the bit that was online, so that IS frustrating. *Sigh*

Gluten Free Steve said...

Martha Stewart's a lying sack of sh.....

Shirley said...

Hey Ginger--I've been lurking here for some time. :-) Enjoy your posts and your recipes! (The Texas Sheet Cake recently was so wonderful ... I had no idea that would translate so easily to GF even though most of my old recipes I make GF with no problems with simple subsitutions.) As far as the Martha charade, when I saw your post on the possibility of a Martha magazine on food allergies/intolerances, I shared the news with everyone. I sent out an "emergency" email to the local support group I lead and to a listserv for another support group I belong to. I posted on GF Girl's blog. I posted on the celiac listserv in response to someone's concern that a Martha mag would leave GF Living in the dust. I was very excited about the possibility, but I have to admit that all along I had this feeling that Martha would do what SHE wanted to do despite how the BIG IDEA contest was conveyed and despite which idea won. I taped her show that day to see the big announcement and wanted to kick her through my TV when she said something very close to, "we have a tie" ... "We had over 620,000 votes, more than the votes cast in the primary in such and such. The idea for a magazine on food allergies won the popular vote with 57% of the vote. We will be featuring gluten-free recipes in three of our publications" and then she turned to the one who proposed the idea for a pet magazine and showed the prototype of that. Alexis, who proposed the food allergy magazine looked stunned, truly. You are right. Martha misled us totally. She decided which one she'd like to do and which one would be less trouble and more profit. Her rep's response to you that the voting was all in fun was such BS. I was never a Martha fan before and won't be still ... I certainly will not be buying any of her magazines, even if she throws us a bone with a few GF recipes now and then.

Thanks for your blog! Good luck and prayers on your current work issue!