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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Staff of life (A Sunday Blessing?)

OK, I admit it. I MISS soft, white bread. And the occasional soft bun.

Gluten-free Steve asked me that questions for his wonderful blogging event, and I said I missed Wonder Bread.

I can honestly say I can manage to adapt ANY GF FOOD I WANT, but I have come up a big fat zero on the bread scene. Cornbread? No problem (no sugar!). Biscuits? Got it. Pancakes and waffles? Good to go. I even like my beer bread, but it isn't a sandwich bread by any stretch.

But dang it, I want a sandwich on a piece of decently soft bread.

Last week, for instance, I noticed that my colleague was eating a turkey sandwich he brought from home. It was on that Captain John Durst's bread (the butter kind, the one that is light yellow) and I honestly SWOONED over it. I can't get it out of my mind.

But I have not to this moment found a bread mix or recipe that works for me. I admire my friend Melanie who has found bread she likes to make in her Zo, and Cassandra who can make it in her machine AND in a mixer. I am envious of ALL of you who have a bread you love sitting on the counter (or in the freezer). I DO have a flour mix I like, finally. But no bread.

But I'm stumped. Help me?

Here are the parameters:
•I would buy a good loaf of bread if you've ever tasted one. I sure haven't.
•I don't have a stand mixer here, so I have to mix it with a hand mixer.
•My bread machine is 1.5 pounds, not two. So that lets out GFP mix and its derivatives.
•I have sensitivity to sorghum and oat flours. (I DO like Pamela's mix, but it has lots of sorghum, and last time I made it, I got really sick to my poor stomach).
•I need a recipe that begins X cups of gf flour mix and that uses primarily brown and white rice flour. I don't want to go out and buy millet or amaranth or whatever. Keep it way simple.

I welcome the exchange, fellow GF buddies. Let me know what you think.

Where's the blessing? I have friends I can turn to for help. HELP!

Much love, and thanks for the help!


Gluten Free Steve said...

I'd love a good piece of soft white bread, too, for sandwiches. Challah is what I miss - you can't make GOOD gf challah, as sadly, you do need the gluten. Sigh...

The Bouceks said...

I can be of not one bit of help here except to wish you well on your search.

Shauna McCabe said...

Do your local retailers carry El Peto products? ( They make an italian loaf mix, if you make it with milk instead of water and with eggs (I also discovered egg replacer works well) it makes a really nice fluffy white sandwhich bread. VERY delicious. You must add your own yeast though, I don't know why theirs doesn't rise, but 1 tbsp of quick rise yeast does the trick. Wonderful. Fluffy. Almost as good as wonderbread. I served it to non-celiacs last weekend and nobody could tell the difference! The package says for the breadmaker, but the oven works just as well. The mix is perfect because you don't have to pull out your measuring cups all the time!

Carrie said...

Ginger, check out Elizabeth Barbone's EASY sandwich bread. You could use a handmixer and it only has brown rice flour and cornstarch as the flours. I made my own mix of it using whole grain flours, but you could certainly whip it up with your handmixer and let it rise in the oven and then bake it. It is SO easy.

celticjig said...

I am so with you. Sometimes I want that squishy bun or soft bread, mostly because I can't have it. I am guessing that if you designed a flour with lots of potato or tapioca starch that it will be softer, certainly not heathlier. It seems that whenever the GF products use more starch and less flour that is it more like the ol glutenous bygones. I hoped to blog today on my adventures in Seattle, but am away from my computer and can't figure out how to get to the administrative side of my blog! How silly is that? I have everything bookmarked and the darling BF is in a conference all day. Oh well. I guess I might as well go explore the distillery in town!
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