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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Now what?

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll. I have plenty of food and leftovers I've made in the fridge, and we had a good time at Pam and Pat's house (where we usually go if in Milledgeville).

The day was not without catastrophe.
•I fell asleep and while I was napping, the water burned out of the lima beans (I have done this before) so it smelled like a fire scene in here -- AND I had to recreate the lima/corn veggies I was bringing.
•My breadmaker "threw up" and the risen dough was all down the side and on the element. I took the dough basket out, loaded the dough into muffin tins, and made rolls. They were good. I think they'll make good ham sandwiches.
•I'm not sure I didn't get glutenated at lunch, but not on purpose. I checked ingredients on all I ate, but I don't know what was on the counter...etc. I feel very yucky now.

Jeffrey had two dinners -- one at his Dad's, one at Pam's -- and got to swim in the hot tub and play cops and robbers with some of his younger friends. We played poker, and I won the final hand, which was about seven bucks. Full house, Kings and Queens.

So we're home. Randy is snoring in the chair, I feel sketchy and am heading to the Pepto and Milk of Magnesia.

I have no pictures. I have some leftovers. And the day is over.

But Much Love and happy day.


Gluten Free Steve said...

Ging - I hope you are feeling better. I know I had something earlier this week that had gluten in it, as I felt like I did in the old days. Took me a good few days of boiled potatoes and bland chicken until my tummy felt somewhat better. Rest and get well, love.

Cassandra said...

I'm sorry you got glutened - that whomps! I hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe it's time to experiment with different ways to make turkey and rice soup. :)

Gluti Girl said...

I hope you feel better! It sounds like you had a nice day though. I had the same cooking mishaps. Spilled something in the oven and smoked everything!

Hey, peppermint tea works really helps the tummy too. It's just no fun getting glutened. I so clearly remember my last Thanksgiving being sick. It was the Monday after Thanksgiving that my doctor told me I might have celiac. I know this is your first Thanksgiving gluten free too. Just think how far we have come! And we both made it though the first real major holiday! I say bring on Christmas. We are veterans now!