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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bison Chili

Kroger was having a crisis of space yesterday and marked down all its ground bison meat to $1.99 a pound. I don't know if you've ever ventured to Ted's Montana Grill (or some other establishment that sells the humble buffalo) but ground bison is extraordinarily lean meat and very tasty. It's not treated with hormones, is antibiotic free, and wasn't due to expire until after Thanksgiving.

I bought five packages! And two are now the base of some Bison Chili.

Actually, Friday morning is my favorite time of the week to go to the store. That's when they mark down all the produce and organic dairy -- and I almost always come away with a savings of $30 or so on products that are marked down for weekend space, not because they're expired. For example, I've gotten organic eggs for $1.45 a dozen. Eggs last a LONG time past their expiration date -- so I stock up. And Pom juice -- I got a gallon of the stuff yesterday for the cost of two bottles. I love it. Ask at your store when they do they serious marking down -- my Kroger is on Friday and Saturday morning. I make a special trip.

Today's a big football day if you didn't know it. Auburn v. Georgia. Two years ago, Randy and I got married on the day of the Auburn - Georgia game, and as a wedding present to us, Auburn won (or Georgia lost, you choose) in the last few minutes. I am still appreciative to my UGA friends for giving that to me as a wedding gift. Very sweet.

But back to the chili. Right now it's simmering away in the Crock Pot with tomatoes, on its way to being Bison Chili. Here's how I make Chili in the Crock Pot that is so easy, you'll do it all the time.

Bison Chili in the Crock Pot

1 large onion, diced very finely (I used my food processor since it was already being used for chicken salad this morning)
2 T. Sliced jarred jalepanos.
1 T. jarred garlic
2 pound ground bison OR ground sirloin or round. This will not work with a beef with less than 93 percent lean! It will puddle up in fat and be tres yucky.
3 14 oz cans of tomatoes, diced. I varied the flavors -- sweet onion, etc.
1 package of Texas Chili seasoning (you can use Carroll Shelby brand. I had a package my brother in law Ron sent me for my birthday.

Cpmbine all ingredients in the Crock Pot and simmer high for four hours.

Wait. No browning the beef? I've learned in just the last six months that you don't have to brown extra lean ground beef -- in fact, it seems to be jucier (and not as boring) if it cooks in a tomato sauce like this. You won't have the fat, but you will have the deep, rich sauce.

When the chili is done, here is where my husband and I part company: Beans. I love pinto beans in my chili. Others love red kidney. My husband considers it herasey to put beans in chili. He is a Texan through and through.

So he's not here. I'll add two cans of pintos, drained and rinsed, in about four hour -- or about half time of the Georgia Auburn game. But I am going to make some GF fusili this afternoon, and serve my chili on mac with cheddar. Yum.

Much love, and I WILL give a War Damn Eagle for my team on my blog (you Dawg fans do it all the time on yours). And no, Dawg fans, I'll talk no smack here until the end arrives. You see, I remember last year....
But I will do a little cheer!

Bodygetta Bodygetta Bodygetta Bah
Rah Rah Rah
Sis Boom Bah
Weagle Weagle
War Damn Eagle
Kick em in the butt, Big Blue

AU Class of '79


Ginger Carter Miller, Ph.D. said...

Don't even think of posting your DAWG smack talk here. You won it. You beat the crap out of us. I think you kidnapped the team at halftime and substituted the Clarke Central Middle School football team....

But I'm not a sore looser. Any team that plays that well -- or that badly -- deserves what it gets.

Raven said...

It's only a testiment to our friendship that I say nothing. . .

Carrie said...

YUM ginger! I've never had bison meat! But I would LOVe to try it!

The Petersons said...

That chili recipe sounds good. We have some simmering right now...but we use Turkey meat...I don't remember the last time I bought beef to make chili or spaghetti...the only red meat we eat is the occasional pot roast of steaks...

Since you said we can't post our smack talk, I won't say "Go Dawgs" on here...