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Friday, April 20, 2012

Sharing the love: A review of "4 Ingredient Gluten-Free" and more

I've written about my sister from another mister, Janet, a lot here, and today I'm writing about her because of kindness in connecting me (and my blog) with a friend of hers in Dothan.She called me a couple of months ago to tell me about one of her friends (she calls him "Precious" with much affection, but his name is Bill) whose wife was just diagnosed with Celiac Disease after a long, painful illness, testing, etc. Now, today I read an article on Celiac and the Elderly (I hate the word Elderly).  This kind of described the Preciouses. It is hard to start being GF when you've been a gluten eater your whole life. But I knew when Janet called I wanted to help them.  But what could I send them to help.

About the time this happened, a neat little cookbook 4 Ingredients Gluten-Free by internationally bestselling authors Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham, came in the mail. I read it cover to cover, and I immediately thought, now THIS is perfect for a gluten-free or Celiac newbie!  I mean, after diagnosis, we should eat simply and not processed, and this book is filled with healthy, easy, and quick recipes.  Perfect for the newbie. 

It also drives home an important point about the gluten-free diet: You don't need to miss foods you love if you're gluten-free. You just need to get a good cookbook and adapt.

I was smitten with this little book, and I agree with this comment in the pitch letter: 

With celiac disease on the rise, this book does something that our society NEEDS: it offers more than 400 accessible, delicious recipes using 4 ingredients (or less) that work for gluten-free lifestyles.
So when Janet visited a few weeks ago, I sent her home with this book for Mr. and Mrs. Precious.  I also sent her home with a variety of gluten free mixes from my pantry, pasta samples, Bob's Red Mill Cereal Samples and Pizza Crust, Pamela's Baking Mix and Brownie Mix, and much more.  I put it in a tote bag and sent it to them.

They were thrilled. I was thrilled the samples I had went to someone who needed them.  And in the end, a lot of gluten-free good was done.

That's what this community is about.

Thank you Kim and Rachel for a great book.  And thank you for allowing me to share it in such a special way.

Much love, and happy gluten-free living!

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