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Friday, April 20, 2012

Introducing Light & Lean Pizzas from Amy's

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Dear Amy's Kitchen
You have the most wonderful product. We just love everything about your company. When we need something we always stick with your brand name because we know it works. Thanks so much for helping make our house a home.

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Rachel BerlinerRachel in Prevention Magazine
We are thrilled that Rachel was profiled in Prevention magazine as part of an article about women who launched successful organic businesses. The article can be found here.


Other sources of calcium?
As the most abundant mineral in the body, calcium is not only important for building and maintaining bone health. Heartbeat, muscle contractions and blood clotting capabilities are all dependant on having calcium readily available. Check out this handy list of non-dairy calcium souces and enjoy!

Famous Vegetarins

Lea Michele
Amy is a big fan of Glee and especially Lea Michele who plays Rachel Berry on the show. Read more about her and many other famous vegetarians here.

In The News

Fergie's Favorite Indulgence

FergieFergie said this on the Rachael Ray show 3/25: "And her favorite indulgence? "Amy's Enchiladas, with cheddar cheese." She especially loves the low-sodium version. "So I'm thinking OK, I can have it, it's got the beans and the corn inside. Well, not when you add four pieces of your own sharp cheddar cheese slices on the top, and put it in the microwave! So yeah, that's definitely a cheat for me and something that I did last week a couple times."

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A note from AmyDear friends,

My whole life, I've heard stories about the early days of Amy's when I was a toddler… :) of having so few employees that my dad was stirring the sauce for the pot pie himself at 4am while my mom glued brochures together and tried to keep baby Amy from eating them. It always sounded so romantic and exciting. Now I get to experience that myself! With a team of only about 30 people in our new UK factory (compared to 2000 in the states!) we all do a little bit of everything, and its been amazing to experience a startup environment within a company that I already love so much.

Amys and Guloo

Amy with UK sales rep, Guloo Ahira

Not only that, but when I moved here eight months ago, nobody knew anything about Amy's here in the UK. As a gluten intolerant vegetarian, I had no idea how lucky I was back home to be able to heat up our products when I couldn't cook. I've spent every other weekend of the last eight months going to shows and sampling our products to skeptical consumers. It is so amazing to watch people try Amy's for the first time and see the look of surprise and excitement when they find out it is frozen or canned and still so healthy and good!

We've been making some great progress with the stores, and people can now buy a few of our products in almost every UK supermarket. Our next adventure will be France and Germany in the Fall, and then on to the rest of Europe. A friend of mine joked, “Are you trying to take over the world with organic vegetarian food?” And I said, "Absolutely!"

Rachel Berliner


Amy’s supports the labeling of GMOs
Famous VegetarinsAmy’s Kitchen was one of the first natural products companies to join forces on a petition to the FDA to ask for mandatory labeling of GMOs. With over 1 million petitions sent to the FDA, we know that customers strongly favor labeling of products that contain genetically engineered ingredients.

If you live in California, please sign the petition to get a GMO labeling law on the November ballot here in California. Petitioners are out gathering signatures until April 22nd.

Click here to read more information about genetially engineered ingredients.

LineA note from Amy
Introducing Light & Lean Pizzas from Amy's
Two additions to Amy's successful line of Light & Lean meals! Made with all-natural and organic ingredients, these new pizzas are low-calorie and perfectly portioned to satisfy consumer requests for healthy options to fit their diet plans.

Amy's New Products

Light & Lean
Italian Vegetable Pizza

Light & Lean
Cheese Pizza


Amy's New ProductsIn stores now:
Introducing Amy’s Vegan Margherita Pizza!
We love that pizza is a comfort food you can share and make memories around. Our Vegan Margherita Pizza with Daiya Cheeze is a delicious vegan and dairy-free take on a classic, and it's sure to bring your friends and families together.

Amy’s Gluten Free Broccoli & Cheddar Bake is delicious with creamy Cheddar sauce and crisp organic broccoli florets. We add flavor and crunch with gluten free breadcrumbs. You’ll find that this dish is one that will satisfy your whole family. At Amy’s, free from gluten does not mean free from flavor. So enjoy!

Amy’s Gluten Free Pound Cake
Amy's Gluten Free Pound Cake is made with organic gluten free flour and lowfat buttermilk, and it's sweetened with organic evaporated cane sugar. It's a perfect base for seasonal strawberry shortcake! Dress it up with your own favorite frosting, eat it with ice cream or enjoy it simply as it is.


Andy BerlinerAmy’s Kitchen Opens On-site Employee Health Clinic.
The doctor is in the house at Amy’s. This year, we opened two on-site health clinics to make it easier for our employees to meet with a doctor. In addition to their health insurance, employees can meet with an on-site primary care physician. Appointments are 30 minutes long to ensure the best possible care. Click here to read more.

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