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Monday, November 21, 2011

Some things I need to say about my blog

Dear Readers of Gluten Free in Georgia, finally:

You may have noticed that I've recently started posting information sent to me by companies I support, in the form submitted to me by the company.  I wanted to take a minute to explain why, and how I'm going to be altering my blog in the future.

First, if a post is COMPENSATED I will say this up front. I've only done two of those in the history of this blog, via SocialSpark.  I haven't actually seen a dime.

 If I've received product to review, I'll say that too.  There are many generous gluten-free companies who
send me products, and I always show my appreciation with what I hope will be an objective review. If I can't say something nice, I try to say something constructive.  But that won't change.

But the most important thing for you to know is my blog isn't monetized any more -- so I don't make money sharing the sites with you, my readers. Unlike the Examiner sites, I don't get paid for your clicks. I just get the good feeling (most of the time) that I'm sharing something good from the gluten-free world with you.

And let's get this straight -- I know, since I teach public relations as well as practice it, that as long as I indicate the actual source of the information, I am in Fair Use Land.  Since I don't make money, etc.

I'm not trying to steal anything from anyone, and I honestly can't be bought with a t-shirt or a box of cookies.  Rather, I find that being able to share information this way actually gets stuff out. With my ongoing chronic health issues, I find my stamina lacking.  So I share this way.

I've made most of my best friends in gluten-free land here through my blog.  And I hope to continue it as long as I can still see to do it.

You'll find anything like I mentioned before begins on my Posterous blog ( and it is autoposted here, too.

If I post an original post (like this one) then it will be tweeted and added to Facebook, but not to Posterous.

I honestly like being able to share this way.  Like I said, this is more than anything a service. And almost everything out of the Posterous post is done out of my interest -- I don't get anything but some satisfaction in knowing I'm spreading a good word in return.

Thanks for listening, and go have yourself a Happy Thanksgiving!
Much love,

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