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Monday, November 21, 2011

Udi's Gluten Free is on a JOY MISSION in November

And you're invited to be a part of their wonderful gluten-free community. I continue to be thankful to Udi's for all it has done for the gluten-free community. I've been a longtime support of the brand (even represented it at vendor fairs in the past) and I think the integrity of the company is very special.

Here are the details on the joy mission:

November 7th – November 30th: We’re giving away 10 Udi’s Holiday Essentials kits each weekday during this timeframe. All you have to do is visit our blog each day to answer our Joy Mission question. The kit includes:

o 1 Gluten Freedom t-shirt

o 1 Udi’s reusable shopping bag

o 1 Package of Pizza Crusts for an easy gluten-free dinner

o 1 Loaf of White Sandwich Bread to make gluten-free stuffing

o 1 Package of Snickerdoodle Cookies for a dessert everyone will love

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